Eastern Light in Western Eyes

A Portrait of the Practice of Devotion

Marty Glass

Hillsdale, NY: Sophia Perennis, 2003.
288 pages
ISBN: 0-900588-52-7
Price: $22.95 US
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ISBN: 1-59731-012-3
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Marty Glass’s acclaimed book Yuga: An Anatomy of our Fate, was published by Sophia Perennis in 2001. He now gives us perhaps his most beautiful and thoughtful gift, reminding us that the world is woven of the infinite Love and Joy that is God, and showing us how, inspired by the Hindu tradition, that Love and Joy can be directly experienced as the heart of the universe and the heart of our hearts.


We have it from Frithjof Schuon (The Transcendent Unity of Religions) and many others that the Vedanta appears among explicit doctrines as one of the most direct formulations possible of what makes the very essence of our spiritual reality. The work in hand can be read as a book-length unpacking of that accurate description. Reliable from beginning to end, it is distinctive among the innumerable renditions of the Vedanta in two ways. First, because its author is an accomplished wordsmith, he makes the Vedanta's profundities—which delve as deep as those of any philosophical theology—read like an open book; and second, because he has worked for thirty years to shape his life by those profundities, his vivid accounts of what he experienced along the way make his words jump off the page into the reader's heart. The book is inspiring.
Huston Smith, author of Why Religion Matters

About the Author

Marty Glass lives with his wife two miles up a dirt road beyond the power and water lines, 'off the grid', in an owner-built home in Northern California. Brings in firewood, runs the pump, and tackles emergencies. He has five children. He has worked as a college English teacher, a warehouseman, a school janitor, and, until his recent retirement, a second- and sixth-grade teacher in an elementary school. He has played piano in a jazz band and has been telling stories to children for forty years. Marty's close friend Huston Smith has enthusiastically endorsed his other books published by Sophia Perennis, including YUGA: An Anatomy of Our Fate and The Sandstone Papers.