The Islamic Tradition

Victor Danner

Hillsdale, NY: Sophia Perennis, 2005.
268 pages
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A leading exponent of Muslim thought focuses on the inner spiritual meaning of the religion of Islam and its ramifications for the modern world, namely, the problems the tradition faces in our contemporary world, including Islam’s inner tensions between traditionalists and those who want to bring change—conservatives and modernists. Written for the serious general reader, this volume provides an accessible yet profound initiation into the fundamental spiritual experiences, beliefs, rituals, and historic figures of Islam.

Table of Contents

The Cycles of Revelation—Muhammad the Messenger—The Nature of the Qu'ran—The Spiritual Path of Islam—The Sacred Law of Islam—The Islamic Intellectual Revival—The Arts of Islam—The Contemporary Muslim World—Appendices: (I) Glossary of Islamic Terms; (II) The Ninety-Nine Names; (III) The Names of the Prophet Muhammad; (IV) The Prophets and Messengers in the Qu'ran

About the Author

Victor Danner (1926–1990) taught Arabic, Arabic Literature, Islam, Sufism, Eastern Religions, and Comparative Mysticism in both the Departments of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures and Religious Studies at Indiana University. He published many articles, and his previous books include The Book of Wisdom and Sufi Aphorisms. Dr. Danner's worldwide travels and involvement in inter-religious dialogue made him an exceptional communicator of the deep spiritual message of Islam to those of other religious faiths.