Science and Myth

What We Are Never Told

Wolfgang Smith

San Rafael, CA: Sophia Perennis, 2010.
190 pages
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In Science and Myth the author shows, in the first place, that science too has its mythology, unrecognized and unacknowledged though the fact be. These scientistic myths, however, turn out to constitute what he terms anti-myths: ‘a kind that would banish all others, and in so doing, undermine not only religion and morality, but indeed all culture in its higher modes.’ What invalidates the contemporary ‘scientific’ world-view and renders it ‘mythical’ in the pejorative sense, he goes on to contend, proves finally to be the underlying hypothesis that human perception terminates, not in an external object, but in a subjective phantasm. Not only does the author maintain cogently that visual perception, in particular, does penetrate to the external world, but basing himself on traditional sources—from Vedic to Biblical—he shows that sight as such opens in principle to a veritable gnosis: a ‘seeing of the Real.’

Table of Contents

Introduction—Science and Myth—Modern Science and Guénonian Critique—Science and Epistemic Closure—The Enigma of Visual Perception—Neurons and Mind—Cakra and Planet: O. M. Hinze's Discovery—Metaphysics as 'Seeing'—Acknowledgments—Index of Names


Wolfgang Smith broaches a vast range of subjects with a mastery that bespeaks an immense culture.
Jean Borella

Here is that rare person who is equally at home with Eckhart and Einstein, Heraclitus and Heisenberg!
Harry Oldmeadow

Wolfgang Smith is as important a thinker as our times boast.
Huston Smith

About the Author

Wolfgang Smith, a physicist and mathematician (A.B, Cornell; M.S., Purdue; Ph.D., Columbia) by profession, has made it his life's work to expose the mythical nature of the contemporary 'scientific' world-view, in the hope of opening doors which have been officially bolted since the Enlightenment. Despite the 'politically incorrect' tenor of his writings, he has become widely recognized as one of the foremost authors to offer a critique of modern science in light of traditional metaphysics. Sophia Perennis has also published his The Quantum Enigma: Finding the Hidden KeyCosmos and Transcendence: Breaking Through the Barrier of Scientistic Belief, and Christian Gnosis: From St. Paul to Meister Eckhart.