Sam Fohr Adam & Eve Cover

Adam & Eve

In his Confessions, St Augustine recounts the effect on him of hearing Bishop Ambrose explain various Old Testament passages figuratively: ‘These passages had been death to me when I took them literally, but once I had heard them […..]

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Al-Kimia: The Mystical Islamic Essence of the Sacred Art Of Alchemyby John Eberly presents a condensed history of Alchemy told through concise biographies of early Sufi Masters. Chapters examine occult areas of alchemical and spiritual interest such […..]

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Art: For Whom and For What?

As the title suggests, we are here addressing the most fundamental questions: Who is man? What is art? What is the bond that unites man, nature and art? The argument at the heart of this book is […..]

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Call of the Infinite

Call of the Infinite is a concise and clear introduction to the major concepts of Shin Buddhism, a tradition that has received scant attention from those with a Western background. The book is likely to stir a deeper […..]

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Christian Gnosis

Basing himself on Christian sources—literally ‘”from Saint Paul to Meister Eckhart’—Wolfgang Smith formulates what he terms an ‘unexpurgated’ account of gnosis, and demonstrates its central place in the perfection of the Christ-centered life. He observes, moreover, that the […..]

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Christianity and the Doctrine of Non-Dualism

The author of this slender but profound book, a Cistercian monk, discovered as a young man the work of his fellow countryman René Guénon, whose writings introduced him to genuine metaphysical doctrine and to possibilities of spiritual […..]

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Cinderella’s Gold Slipper

Samuel D. Fohr holds that the Grimms’ tales are not just childish ‘fairy tales’, but are filled with spiritual symbolism, and as such have value for adults as well as children. Snow White, for example, is a […..]

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Conversing with Paradise

At a time when poetry has little regard for anything beyond the commonplace realities of everyday perception and sentiment, these studies propose a restoration of balance as between outer and inner worlds. For too long, in the […..]

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Cosmos and Transcendence

With elegance and clarity, Wolfgang Smith leads the reader, step by step, to the realization that the specifically ‘modern’ world is based intellectually, not indeed upon scientific facts, but ultimately on nothing more substantial than a syndrome […..]

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Cracks in the Great Wall

Can we really know what UFOs are? The answer is Yes—but only if we study them armed with a kind of knowledge that explains the true and complete structure of the universe—spiritual, psychic, and material—a knowledge that […..]

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