Interrogating Tradition

This course is based on 27 short meditations by Marty Glass, which will appear weekly. Each one begins with a quotation from a sage of one of the wisdom traditions. All you have to do is read it, think about it, meditate on in, and see what your answers might be to the questions it poses. Some of these questions are directly stated, others will probably occur to you. This course has no beginning or end; you can start whenever you arrive.

If you can share this process with a couple of other people, meet with them or phone them once a week to talk about this week’s interrogation, so much the better. Hopefully you will come up with two kinds of answers: “What does this interrogation mean in itself, as an illustration of a particular spiritual principle?” and “What does it mean to me? Do I understand this? Do I accept this? Am I living this?”

Post any answers you want, but don’t feel you have to; knowing something for yourself, not pleasing the teacher, is the basic idea. If you know something for yourself, the teacher will be pleased.

First ~ Twenty-first Interrogations

  TWENTY-FIRST INTERROGATION Those who find the Mysterium Magnum will now what it is: but to the godless it is incomprehensible, because they have no desire to comprehend it. They are captured by the terrestrial essence and […..]

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