Traditionalism and Christianity

It is obvious that the “ecumenism” of the popes since Vatican II is inseparable from a betrayal of the Christian tradition. Can a Christian be a Traditionalist without participating in this betrayal? Can the uniqueness and orthodoxy of the Christian tradition be preserved without denying the validity of God’s other great revelations to humanity?

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Christianity and the Traditionalists by Jennifer Doane Upton

There’s a real and intrinsic relationship between the Traditionalists and Christianity—but more than in the case of the other traditions there also seems to be an antagonism. Traditionalists often come to their knowledge through “pure mind”; this phrase, however, can indicate both true Intellection and mere mental acuity, and the same person can display both aspects at different times.

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Christianity and Exclusivism by Charles Upton and Jennifer Doane Upton

Traditional Christianity is nothing if not exclusivist. As a new revelation that entered the decadent world of Greco-Roman Paganism and survived as an outlawed sect in the Roman Empire for its first 300 years, it has good historical reasons for its exclusivist stance. As with the Jews vis-à-vis the fertility cults of the Near East, it was surrounded by religions that had mostly lost any sense of transcendence; a mighty effort had to be made to prevent Jesus Christ from being syncretized with other Pagan deities “as just another dying are resurrected god” like Attis or Adonis.

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Purgatory as a Type of the Spiritual Path by Jennifer Doane Upton

As many have pointed out, the Divine Comedy is a complete map of the spiritual life. In the Inferno, sin— both moral and intellectual—is discovered; in the Purgatorio, it is expiated; in the Paradiso, Divine Love leads on to spiritual Knowledge.

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