Traditionalism and Interfaith

Frithjof Schuon and other of the earlier Traditionalists, as well as Seyyed Hossein Nasr, have warned us against the anti-traditional aspects of ecumenism. Yet many Traditionalists are now participating in interfaith dialogue. Has the interfaith world changed since those warnings were issued so that it no longer presents the same dangers? Or is it the worldview of the Traditionalists that has changed?

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An Interfaith Initiative to Deal with Islamophobia

Public relations campaigns to address Islamophobia and quid-pro-quo negotiations with non-Muslim groups are definitely worth pursuing, but their effectiveness will probably be limited. What is needed, in my opinion, is unilateral action that cuts across the prevailing lines of interfaith conflict and is not dependent upon the success of interfaith dialogue.

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Vigilance in the Interfaith Arena

In this essay I will do my best to demonstrate that the Interfaith Movement, while capable of doing real good in bringing greater peace and understanding between the religions, is also fraught with dangers, especially for those committed to one of the traditional wisdom traditions or world religions.

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