Traditionalism and Psychology

Traditionalist writers such as Titus Burckhardt and Whitall Perry, following the lead of Frithjof Schuon, produced telling critiques of the modern psychological systems of Freud and Jung respectively. Are there other forms of psychology that are compatible with a traditional spiritual Path?

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“Principial” Psychology: The Tripartite Human Psyche in Fall and Restoration

The tripartite nature of the human microcosm—Spirit, soul and body—which is directly correlated with the tripartite nature of the created macrocosm—the Celestial/Intelligible/Spiritual plane, the psychic/imaginal plane, and the physical/sensual plane—is reflected on a lower level within the soul or psyche itself. In line with this truth, we can say that the human soul is made up of three primary faculties: the rational mind, the affections, and the will.

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