Traditionalism and Spiritual Romance

One of the major areas largely neglected by the earlier Traditionalist writers is that of spiritual Romance, best represented in the Islamic world by Jami, Nizami and Hafiz, and in the Christian one by Dante Aligheri, Wolfram von Eschenbach, and “the Poet of the Pearl”. Titus Burckhardt wrote a wonderful essay entitled “Because Dante is Right”, and Rene Guenon dealt briefly with the theme in The Esoterism of Dante and <emInsights into Christian Esoterism. How can romance be seen in truly Traditional terms? What is its role in the spiritual Path?

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On Love and Wisdom, Reflections on St. Xenia of St. Petersburg and High Romance and the Spiritual Path

God is Love, but He is also Wisdom. And since all duality has its roots in the illusory world, these divine aspects are not two, but One. Sometimes we name this One “Wisdom”; sometimes we name it “Love.”

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