The Wars of Love

A Fall-and-Redemption Cycle, a Contemporary Apocalypse

By Charles Upton.

This short epic poem renders the transpersonal agony of human existence; once This World has caught you, only that agony can free you.

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8 Responses to “The Wars of Love”

  1. An interesting poem, melancholic and full of so much joy. This isn’t the first time an entire human cycle has been complete, there have been many other cycles, golden,silver,bronze,iron ages within them, their conditions each enabling beings of certain predispositions(by that i mean their natures, their varna(nama:namika and gotrika and rupa) determining their jati) . And there will be countless others after this, in a sense the perpetuity of the aspect of manifestation of human cycles and the ever reducing period those attached to the particular cycle have to experience it, you know the “increasing” of contingencies, e.g. time, shows that there must be something that points beyond all of it, something that it derives it’s existence from, and something also that it is projected unto or manifested onto, the essence and substance, and beyond the two, where the undifferentiated two chaoses mingle to form the one Ishvara, first Being, Pure Unity and also beyond this, where that which is non-being, ParaBrahma “is”. And that is where we all are, even now, in this instant and in all other apparent instances, this is where we always are, we never left, I never left, for beyond unity there is the perfect Zero, so this hidden face of Janus, this place where we see having closed both our eyes, this place where past and future are the present is where we should, struggling out of illusion out of Maya, be. It’s somewhat funny. But one thing is for sure, just like in the plane of dreams, we have to realize that we are dreaming, i have to realize that the person i am conversing with in the dream state is me, and only, exists, relative to me as object because, i have, at that point, becoming conscious of the subject me, i have not yet realized that they are all “me” and that world as well is “me” so what else is there then, other than immediate satori? And only i can realize this, not you…only i, so also only you can realize this, not me,only you. What way can you know what your fellow men are other than by looking at yourself? Without eyes, you would not know my sight, without ears, you would not know my sounds, and without a mouth, you would not speak for me, all human experiences can be realized simply by looking at myself, we may disagree on what we are seeing, hearing, smelling etc, but we will agree that we are seeing, hearing smelling, simply because we ourselves experience it and innately know that it is a human experience. He would therefore know all experience by looking at himself. Likewise, the one who is on the Path knows this through in the beginning experience and then through non-attachment to experience just as he would do so in the dream state by realizing that he is all and all is he,subject and object have died into satori, into paranirvana, into the Christ-consciousness. This is always so whether we are in a Satya Yuga or Kali Yuga, that attainable immutable now is always there, literally it is, we just have to sink into it.(forgive the bold claims provided in random fashion , by the way, i do hope that you’d make new posts, thank you).

  2. List of Useful Battle Sites…
    The Suicide Squad, Machine Gun Corps, Belton
    Edith Smith, The Sisters..nuns/nurses
    Active Humanism
    Ely Cathedral
    Now we have bad blood before it was Mad Love
    Who watches the watchers…
    Just another Sod’em
    Hownot to play..
    IsP3,BettelTrust Safe…signposted byPastor Solon 7DA
    My gut says getting darker…so more joy for old sleepy alive me.
    Also who is recruiting me and can I fail.

    I think Divine Intervention because it gets so sick.

  3. Oh. Underground cavern system that runs LincolnGranthamtowardsWales. ICKES FAVES THElizard people (planetary not ontological, they are Nephilim, Cherubim, Seraphim perhaps of go outdoors)
    Also see The Seat of Mercy and who are the 18 Angels sharing the Face of God along with Metatron(St.Annes) and Uriel(here now) the others are coming too.
    Let it Be vs Sympathy forth Devil

  4. When asked how, I replied Heart Fixed on God. Don’t say that they replied. They won’t stop.

  5. My plan is based on God is Light…..and in God nothing is impossible. Just take them out.

  6. You need to find in Grantham those who don’t have time for the appropriate technologies. So they are old, weak but still working. DIRECTORS.They need to keep it close they will visit the hospitals, send their spare parts I mean children. Find them before I do because I am bringing soldiers of god…cherubim…mine is named Uriel. I am not nuts or drink but will be soon. I hate the stop gaps and aids. Well dislike.

  7. Please delete. But pass on to Charles.
    It is practical. It’s based here because she is. It is a woman, Jewish, Egyptian decent. May be Mrs Asher. EVERYTHING else is a distraction. The others are here because she is paying them. She will be notable from 1954, and opened a new church. Cherubim come in pairs often like lovers shooting arrows…the Asher museum Lincoln. This is her. Lean on her you get the ‘pattern’ because it is what it is and partakes of the Reality it is a part, whether she likes it or not. The Asher Museum, Lincoln….knowing me I’ll just like her and forgive her. She needs to make amends..Thats all!

  8. That is a wonderful poem, thank you for reading it aloud. And thank you for being an oasis in this desert of a wasteland.

    The reed whips me into lament;
    I am not
    a sad song,
    Just the voice,
    Of men long gone.
    Is today that
    other day
    Ears to the root,

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