Traditionalism as a Social Engineering Meme

By Charles Upton

Traditionalism/Perennialism is beginning to be recognized and patronized by various well-established globalist figures and institutions, including Prince Charles of England and His Royal Highness Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad bin Talal, who heads the A Common Word between You and Us initiative and also founded the Royal Institute for Interfaith Studies. Another Jordanian prince, His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal, is a co-chair of the State of the World Forum founded by Mikhail Gorbachev.

In addition to this sort of open patronage, evidence is mounting that certain other forces have “recognized” Traditionalism and begun to factor it into their plans. Judging from a recent BBC Inspector Lewis mystery episode entitled “The Allegory of Love”, patronage of Islam is being used, in the UK at least (with the help of Traditionalism/Perennialism, which is “showcased” in the episode in a way that has nothing whatever to do with the plot), to further snuff out Christianity and co-opt/pervert Islam at the same time. In the episode in question, where the Gospel is directly attacked and Islam more or less exalted, an Oxford professor character calls for Christian forgiveness to be replaced by an unforgiving moral rigor that is falsely pictured as Qur’anic. (Throughout the Qur’an it is made clear that Allah accepts repentance immediately—but not according to the BBC!) The episode also totally represses the fact that the Inklings—C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Owen Barfield, Charles Williams, Dorothy Sayers—were all committed Christians and wrote as such, and also speaks of a group, possibly yet to be formed, called “The New Inklings”. It puts the original Inklings in the same category with J.K. Rowling, whose Harry Potter books are designed to introduce the young to sorcery, thus removing the idea of “spirituality” from any religious or metaphysical context, and from any unambiguous moral context as well, by reducing it to “pure technique”—a fact that which only the Christians (and not all of them) seem to have recognized.  At one point the detective sidekick of Inspector Lewis, an ex-Catholic-seminary student, during an interrogation of a Muslim professor in his Oxford study, spies a book by Titus Burckhardt and treats us to a fairly cogent capsule definition of “Perennialism”—but with absolutely no reference to the fact that the Perennialists are also by-and-large Traditionalists who require adherence to one of the revealed faiths, as Burckhardt certainly did; we then see a quick unexplained shot of the “Traditionalist spiderweb” diagram of concentric circles with radii, apparently in order to implant it in the consciousness of the audience as a waking suggestion for future use. Perennialism is presented not in a Traditionalist context but in one of literary Neo-Paganism and fantasy literature— and it is made quite clear that this is not some hippy religion for the peasants, but a universalism for the intellectual elite.

We may speculate that such propaganda may be emanating from the Tavistock Institute on Human Relations, which, according to Dr. John Coleman in his book The Committee of 300, is the dominant globalist social engineering think tank, one that has a certain amount of control over BBC programming. Apparently Tavistock, or some similar group, has adopted Traditionalism/Perennialism as a “meme” in their agenda of social engineering for the co-optation and control of religious institutions, groups and trends.

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  1. There is much food for thought here, regarding the dangers of co-option.
    Also relevant is the possibility of a tailor crafted spiritual fascist meme presented as a seductive lure for those whose souls yearn for a sort of select exclusivity.

    Such is a perennial trap and pitfall for those whose hearts may yearn for the esoteric, but yet whose egos have not fully absorbed a realization of the burden of service and duty that form the price of particularly “select” birth or rearing, the privilege of lineage, wealth, or intellects disposed along analytical lines.

    To those to whom much is given, an elephant’s weight in service is expected and so on, and so forth.
    Basically the “I am special and elite, ergo god loves me” apotheosis of the immature trust fund baby instinct.

    I suspect that this, when undigested, creates a danger to the souls of some individuals.

    Not to be prosaic, or to tap along the vacuous halls of pop culture, but it’s all rather Star Wars seduction of the dark side like, in a sense…

    When souls with great potential fall, the sound and damage becomes quite disturbing

  2. Inspector Lewis is made by ITV, the BBC’s competitors. So the Tavistock Institute supposed angle is irrelevant. All this episode ‘means’ is that the freelance writer who churned it out had read ‘Against The Modern World’ at some point in the past and thought it would add some fairy dust to their script.

  3. Dear Ms. Pottinger:

    You could be right. I discovered that the Inspector Lewis episode was from the other network after I wrote that post (though Tavistock, of course, need not limit its influence to the BBC). But what exactly is this “fairy dust” you refer to? Fairy dust of one kind or another is the very problem. The suppression of the Christianity of the Inklings and their inclusion, via the genre of fantasy-literature, in the same category as Harry Potter, the presentation of Perennialism as divorced from the traditions, the unexplained flash of the “Traditionalist Diagram” all point to a conscious attempt to co-opt Perennialism and present it as a non-Traditional ideology for the intellectual elites—a way to be into religion without actually being religious, as so many in the elites are nowadays (dare I mention Tony Blair?). This may simply represent a cultural drift toward what Rene Guenon called “Counter-Tradition”, aided and abetted by a shift in attitude on the part of some of the Traditionalists themselves—or those who used to be accurately characterized by that name—but as Guenon pointed out, though the degeneration of cyclical conditions allows for developments like this, such developments can only be actualized through organized human activity. The Prince of Wales is an open supporter of the Traditionalists/
    Perennialists, which would explain his unexplained sighting a few years ago in traditional
    Muslim garb complete with turban; he often visited Martin Lings. Charles’ difficulty is that as King (if he ever takes the throne) he must, as he said, be not “Defender of the Faith” but “Defender of the Faiths”. He has no choice but to recognize Great Britain as a largely secular society that embraces a plurality of religions, with Islam demographically on the ascendant. But in order to do so he must not identify himself with any one religion; this is how religious pluralism and secularization go hand in hand. If the religions are to be united (a goal that some among the elites are working toward), they must be united under a non-religious authority. And it is my belief that some among the global elites are grooming Traditionalism/ Perennialism to play a role in this development. I have no proof, but I do have evidence.

    Charles Upton

  4. Stumbled on this website via a referral dealing with Dorothy L Sayers. According to the Dorothy L Sayers Society, Miss Sayers was never a member of the Inklings. Wherever you got that information, it is incorrect.

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