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How can we help? Over the years many have asked how they might help Sophia Perennis keep publishing its excellent books, which however are often not economically feasible by traditional standards. Some have helped by volunteering their skills (proofreading, indexing, etc.) and some have helped by making donations. And many have helped simply by expressing their gratitude and enthusiasm. Without this participation, Sophia Perennis would not exist today.

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Sophia Perennis strives to accept and publish ANY manuscript it receives that meets its standards. However, it has not proven easy to maintain this policy. We find that on average we must raise $2000 for each book undertaken. This figure also allows us to publish some books for which no funding is found. In brief, our vision is that of developing a growing community of authors and readers. As our ‘library’ of works grows, so too does the lively discourse from which rising authors can draw. This is why we publish.

There are of course other needs. For example, it took us years to reach the point where we could launch this exciting new website. And while we realize our books will never be ‘big sellers’, nonetheless, with more means at our disposal, we could give them far more visibility, especially in this day of the internet.

Sophia Perennis has been a shoestring operation from the outset, operating from a laptop in an old barn for most of its existence, with a staff of one. But this has been a blessing, requiring ingenuity in making every dollar count, and trailblazing ever more efficient and streamlined ways of publishing. We are committed to continuing this effort in face of all obstacles, and are actually grateful that financial hardship has taught us to operate on very little and to learn to work with new technologies that, should economic crisis supervene, will be best suited to ride out such storms, enabling us to have books printed only as needed, and in far away places for local delivery.

Nonetheless, how much more effective our efforts could be if we had sufficient funds to enter the marketplace with more force and to hire the help necessary to achieve this end! Sophia Perennis director James Wetmore is reluctant to lift his nose out all the pressing book projects constantly on hand in order to look after the ‘business’ side, but it has occurred to him to ask whether it makes sense to publish extraordinary books (Huston Smith described the monumental achievement of producing the Collected Works of René Guénon, for example, as the outstanding publishing event of the 20ths century!) that almost no one knows exist!

Won’t you help us if you can? We have from time to time had donors able to give significant amounts, but often donations have come in smaller gifts, sometimes no more than an additional ten or twenty dollars added to an order. An accumulation of ‘widow’s mites’ added to more substantial gifts. A blessing indeed.

In addition to providing a Donation button on this page, if you will read the FAQ titled Why do we use to fulfill our orders? you will see that you also contribute indirectly just by ordering from this website, and that there is a way to enhance that further, at no cost to you!

As for how the funds are used, you can click on the link for Forthcoming Books to see current projects nearing completion. And for each of these there are several more at earlier stages, and others that we have had to let languish until funding enables us to bring them to life.

Please help us if you can.

James Wetmore,
Director, Sophia Perennis