UFOs, Mass Mind-Control, and the Awliya al-Shaytan, by Charles Upton [An update of Cracks in the Great Wall: UFOs and Traditional Metaphysics; Sophia Perennis, 2005]

[INTRODUCTORY NOTE: René Guénon, in The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times, said that the darkness of our era is the result both of cyclical conditions—the inevitable degeneration of the cosmic environment in these last days of the Kali-yuga—and the actions of organized human groups, groups that are made possible by these conditions, and who also actively exploit them, so as to actualize negative potentials that, without their intervention, would remain latent; in the words of Jesus, “there needs be evil, but woe to him through whom evil comes.” Guénon called these groups working to invoke the most negative potentials of our times the “Counter-Initiation”; he also spoke of the opening up of “fissures” in the “great wall” that separates the material and the subtle domains, leading to the incursion of “infra-psychic forces” into our world, which will ultimately lead to its dissolution. It is my belief that the UFO phenomenon is an example of such forces, while the human groups who are apparently exploiting if not actually invoking these apparitions can accurately be described as agents the Counter-Initiation. The following article presents evidence of their activities, including their use of inverted forms of universal metaphysical principles as methods of mass social engineering and mind-control. We Traditionalists need to go beyond the sort of abstract, decorous lament with which we often address the present condition of our world, and directly confront the ingenious and active evil we must deal with in these times, so as to understand it in the most practical of terms. We cannot save the world, but we must, with God’s help, save our souls—a task that will be doubly difficult if we do not grasp the precise nature and agenda of the spiritual evil that is moving against us.]

            According to the best available evidence, the UFO phenomenon has three separate yet intimately related aspects: 1) It manifests in terms of real material-world events, detectable by radar and sometimes leaving behind physical traces, events that are inexplicable according to mainstream science, though certain theories of post-Einsteinian physics might be able to speculate legitimately on some aspects of them; 2) It is also a psychic phenomenon that profoundly alters the consciousness of those exposed to it; 3) It is apparently surrounded by deception activities which mimic it, produced by actual human groups, as Jacques Vallee has demonstrated in his book Messengers of Deception.

            My central thesis regarding the UFO phenomenon is as follows: The UFO “aliens” are beings from another “dimension”—the world called in some systems the etheric plane, situated on the “isthmus” between the material world and the world of dreams and mental imagery. The etheric plane is home to the Jinn, the elemental spirits, the fairies, the Powers of the Air mentioned in Ephesians 2:2—the “air” in this sense denoting the subtle-material dimension. (The “border” between the etheric plane and the world defined by the five senses apparently has something to do with the electro-magnetic spectrum, as evidenced by the fact that the proximity of a UFO will often cause electronic equipment to malfunction.) Some of the denizens of that world are best described as demons. Not all etheric “nations” are demonic, just as not every fish in shark-infested waters is a shark; nonetheless the early Christian Fathers were very wise to counsel strict avoidance of that realm, especially since the people who most commonly interacted with it in their time—and are still doing so today—were (and are) the Pagan magicians.     

            The prime enigma is: How do the three aspects of the phenomenon relate to each other? Aren’t they mutually exclusive? If UFOs are a real physical phenomenon, doesn’t that mean that they have to be alien spaceships? If they are a psychic phenomenon, doesn’t that mean that they couldn’t be physical craft? And if the phenomenon is shown to be surrounded by human deception activities of the “Mission Impossible” variety, doesn’t that mean that the whole thing is a hoax? 

            No on all three counts. Demons are subtle beings inhabiting the psychic or etheric plane who can temporarily materialize themselves and various objects in this world, but who cannot remain on our material plane in stable form for very long—if they could, they wouldn’t have to possess people in order to work their evil in this world. (See Seraphim Rose, Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future.) And the deception activities of human groups, besides being attempts to piggyback on and use a phenomenon that the deceivers didn’t originate and can’t control (the same can perhaps be said for various human attempts to mimic alien “technology”) may actually be—or also be—acts designed not simply to deceptively imitate the “aliens” in order to influence mass belief, but to actually invoke them, in line with the practice of “sympathetic magic” as described in the classic work on mythology and primitive belief, The Golden Bough by Sir James Frazer. This depressing thesis leads us directly to the question of the possible involvement of the intelligence community and various arcane technologists, whose connection to the UFO phenomenon have been documented both by Jacques Vallee in Messengers of Deception and Peter Levenda in Sinister Forces: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft, in outright Satanism. (Levenda, for one, gives much well-researched evidence in support of this thesis).

            The case of pioneer rocket scientist Jack Parsons comes immediately to mind. Parsons was a follower of black magician Aleister Crowley and an associate of L. Ron Hubbard, another follower of Crowley who founded the Church of Scientology and who also (according to my correspondence with Beat Generation writer William Burroughs in the late 1960’s, when Burroughs was in the process of breaking with Scientology) had a background in Naval Intelligence, something confirmed by Levenda. Parsons (according to Vallee) claimed to have met a “Venusian” in the Mojave Desert, performed Pagan rituals at his launchings (as recounted by Levenda), and went on to co-found the Aerojet Corporation and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory; a crater was named after him on the dark side of the Moon. In light of these revelations, I believe we should take seriously Eastern Orthodox priest Seraphim Rose’s assertion, in Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future, that the great expansion of the UFO phenomenon after WWII was in order to lay the psychic groundwork for the advent of the regime of Antichrist, particularly since there is no question that the mass belief in UFOs, whether conceived of as alien spacecraft or as “interdimensional” manifestations, has been an important element in the widespread pagan/occult revival that has so obviously weakened and undermined the world’s religions.

            The French metaphysician René Guénon, The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times, provides a solid metaphysical basis for idea of Antichrist by demonstrating that this figure (whom Muslims call al-Dajjal, “the deceiver”) is not simply a just-so fable that we must take on blind faith, but represents a necessary dialectical phase in the dissolution of the present cycle-of-manifestation, and the ultimate re-creation of the world. Guénon also provides a cosmological context for the UFO phenomenon, though he does not mention it by name, limiting himself to describing the breakthrough of  “infra-psychic forces” due to the hardening of the cosmic environment under the regime of materialism (the phase he calls “Anti-Tradition”), followed by the psycho-physical fracturing of that environment in our own time (the phase of “Counter-Tradition”, i.e. false religion). Anti-tradition peaked in the 19th Century under the regime of “classical materialism”, while Counter-Tradition is expresses itself in terms of our present postmodern worldview, one that might be termed “magical scientism”. The upshot is that fissures are now starting to appear in the “great wall” separating the material world from the subtle-energy dimension, home to those entities that we regard, according to the scientistic paradigm, as “extra-terrestrial entities”. Seraphim Rose, citing many of the Eastern Orthodox saints and the Greek Fathers, as well as Guénon himself, draws many exact parallels between the UFO phenomenon and the experiences of the early Christian saints with the demonic powers, in the days when Christians were still a small minority within a largely Pagan society where the practice of magic was commonplace. Jacques Vallee, in Messengers of Deception and his other books, provides much evidence to support this thesis, though he himself does not assert it; and if Peter Levenda’s well-documented findings are accurate—findings that demonstrate the massive cross-pollenization since WWII between the military, the intelligence community and the power elite on the one hand and the world of the magicians and the occultists on the other—then we can say without fear of exaggeration that elements of the CIA and the “military-industrial complex” are involved in practices that can be accurately described as Satanism, whether or not they go by that name. If Jack Parsons, as Levenda shows, identified himself with Antichrist and dedicated himself to the destruction of Christianity, and if prominent psychic researcher Andrija Puharich, with all his connections to the intelligence community, was involved in channeling so-called “Extra-Terrestrial Intelligences”, for which read The Powers of the Air (see below), then is Seraphim Rose’s thesis, and mine, really that far-fetched? It will only seem far-fetched to those who do not accept the reality of the paranormal.

            In his book The Nine (the first in the Sinister Forces trilogy), Levenda provides  hard documentary evidence in support of many conclusions I myself had earlier reached, based mostly upon intuition and logic, and supported by only a few pieces of data I took as factual. For example, when I considered the information provided by Jacques Vallee that the UFO phenomenon is physical, and psychic, and also sometimes a product of human deception, I simply drew a logical inference: that if it is both psychic and physical, then it might well be a materialization (usually short-lived) of psychic realities in the form of physical objects and events, such as magicians have always reputedly been able to produce. And if it is also surrounded by human deception activities, I asked myself if such activities, at least on one level, might be invocations designed to catalyze these very materializations. This is the basic premise of the practice of “sympathetic magic” that was universal in the ancient world, and in the world of primitive tribes up to our own time: that in order to  produce a phenomenon, the magician (after preparing suitable conditions) imitates it, as a Voudoo practicioner will stick pins in a doll so as to injure the person it represents. Anyone who has handled or bought a “rain stick” at their local health food store or Pagan Shoppe has come into contact with a traditional tool of sympathetic magic.

            I further conjectured as follows: That certain magicians found they were able to produce actual preternatural phenomena through autosuggestion; as with the Tibetan practice of psychically materializing a tulpu, their ability to alter their psychic state also ultimately altered their physical environment as well: the premise of all magic. And then, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, as studies of the effect of propaganda on entire populations in the “radio age” advanced and became better known, certain black magicians came to an obvious and horrible conclusion: that if changing their own consciousness could produce local manifestations of the preternatural, changing the consciousness of the mass could produce global ones. (The mass dissemination of LSD by the CIA in as part of their MK-ULTRA mind control program might well have been an expression of this agenda.) Consequently the “cracks in the great wall” were immensely widened, and in flew the UFOs, and all the other spooks and demons and sinister forces that beset postmodern humanity. Certainly such entities have a long history of intervention in our world, but today’s mass interest and belief in them, and mass experience of them, has probably not been so widespread since late antiquity. Perhaps it was the Nazis, who, as Peter Levenda demonstrates in his book Unholy Alliance, placed all of Germany and much of Europe under the power of a Satanic cult dedicated to invoking the Powers of Darkness, who first got their foot firmly in the door in terms of the modern world; this would explain the “foo-fighters” (early “flying saucers”) encountered by the allied air forces in their bombing runs over the dying Reich. After all, what is the literal meaning of holocaust? It means: a mass immolation of human victims in the cult of a Pagan god. And as the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges pointed out in his story “Deutches Requiem”, the Nazis did not only immolate the Jews, but ultimately offered Germany itself as a living sacrifice on the altar they raised to the birth of the New Man and the New Age of Darkness. (NOTE: Certain of the secret “experimental aircraft”, some of them disc-shaped, produced by the Nazis, and later by the Americans, during and after the war — the United States “inherited” many Nazi scientists through Operation Paperclip — were probably attempts to imitate the aeronautical abilities exhibited by UFOs, on the theory that these were highly-advanced technological devices built either by the human enemy or an extraterrestrial race. But some of the more “esoteric” of those involved in their production may have understood them on a different level: as another instance of sympathetic magic, one more highly concrete act of invocation.)

            As Levenda has amply demonstrated, Jack Parsons was at the center of all these vectors of dark force: scientist, close associate of intelligence agents, Pagan magician. He is one of the ones who let the cat out of the bag in terms of the possibility of a literal synthesis between Satanism and modern science. But an even more interesting cat is the one released by Arnold Dahl, Fred Crisman and Kenneth Arnold.

            The story, recounted in Levenda’s The Nine, is as follows: On June 21, 1947, harbor patrolman Arnold Dahl spotted six UFO’s hovering over his boat anchored at Maury Island in Puget Sound, this being the first major civilian UFO sighting after WWII. A slight explosion occurred on one of the objects, after which hot metal rained down upon and damaged Dahl’s boat, killing his dog and injuring his teenage son. He had a camera on board and was able to photograph the objects. After returning with his boat to Tacoma he told his boss, Fred Crisman, of the strange event, and turned over to him his camera, the photographs and a sample of the metallic slag that had fallen from the sky. (More than 20 years after this event, Crisman was subpoenaed by Jim Garrison in the course of his investigation of the Kennedy assassination, and was found to be an ex-OSS officer with a CIA file, as well as a friend of Clay Shaw!)

            The next evening, Arnold Dahl was visited by the 20th century’s first recorded “man in black”, who advised him to forget the whole incident. The following day Crisman went to Maury Island, retrieved some more of the material that had fallen on Dahl’s boat, and spotted another UFO.

             A day later, on June 24, one Kenneth Arnold, a deputy federal marshal and member of an Idaho search and rescue team, while piloting his aircraft near Mt. Ranier in Washington State in search of a missing transport plane, spotted a formation of nine UFOs flying in formation. His subsequent description of them gave us our term “flying saucer”; it was these two sightings that began the first American “saucer scare” of the postwar era. Arnold’s account was published in an Oregon newspaper; then, in early July, he was visited by two Air Force intelligence officers from California who were interested in hearing his story. Next, Fred Crisman contacted Raymond Palmer, editor of Amazing Stories magazine, with Arnold Dahl’s story of the Maury Island encounter, but not before Palmer himself got in touch with Kenneth Arnold about the Mt. Ranier sighting. Palmer then suggested that Arnold meet with Dahl, a meeting that took place in Tacoma on July 30.

            Flying to make that meeting on July 29, Arnold saw another, larger fleet of UFOs. And when he arrived in Tacoma, he found that no hotel rooms were available—except for a room in the most expensive hotel in town that had already been reserved in his name by person or persons unknown. Arnold and Dahl came together in that room to compare notes about their strange experiences—after which United Press International apparently received a verbatim transcript of the entire meeting!

            Arnold Dahl was visited by his “man in black” a mere 24 hours after his UFO sighting and the explosion that killed his dog—and this at a time when UFOs did not loom large in the public mind, as they certainly were to do in short order, due in great part to the revelations of Dahl and Arnold themselves. How is this to be explained? In the absence of a mass paranoia about UFOs, why would a presumed government agency already have in place a system apparently designed to suppress evidence for the existence of extraterrestrials? That evidence, by and large, had not yet appeared, at least to the public at large. And though it may be true that the government and the intelligence community feared that the open appearance of such evidence was imminent and had taken steps to cushion the blow of these revelations on the public mind, another and equally logical explanation is that the man in black and his superiors knew that the UFO apparition over Maury Island was about to take place—and they could only have known this, 1) if they themselves produced the phenomenon, or 2) if they were in touch with those entities who planned to, and had received advance warning. Since it strains credulity to believe that any terrestrial technology available at that time, or even today, could have produced fleets of craft that were both undeniably physical objects, and also capable of feats no human aircraft could remotely duplicate, one logical (which certainly does not mean conventional) explanation is that the beings in control of those craft had communicated with their human agents to the effect that: “We are going to appear at such and such a place on such and such a date; get ready to put into action the follow-up plan we discussed.” Likewise the mysterious advance booking of the hotel room where Kenneth Arnold met with Arnold Dahl, the apparent bugging of their room, and the release of the transcripts of their conversation to UPI, are extremely good evidence in support of the hypothesis that both Dahl’s and Arnold’s UFO sightings were somehow arranged or known about in advance; if this were not the case, how could such a well-designed plan to exploit their reactions to those sightings, obviously requiring extensive resources and a great deal of coordinated effort, have been put into action so soon after the events themselves?

            One point on which I disagree with Peter Levenda is where he assumes the appearance of the “man in black” to Dahl and the recording and release of Dahl’s and Arnold’s conversation in the hotel room as being were part of an effort to discredit their reports. Certainly the threats made by the “man” would make anyone think twice about revealing what he’d seen, but could this messenger’s appearance not be equally well explained as an attempt to lend credibility to those reports? What could be more likely to convince someone of the reality and serious import of a particular experience than a threat by a mysterious stranger of  unfortunate consequences if that experience were ever revealed? And why leak the conversation of Dahl and Arnold to the UPI itself unless the intent behind the leak was not to debunk UFOs but to influence the public to believe in them? A major myth of the UFO belief-system is that “the government knows everything, or at least an awful lot, about UFOs, but it is hiding all this data from us because it wants to convince us that UFOs—who are probably extraterrestrials—don’t really exist.” One way mind control works, however, is through the implanting of assumptions like this in the public psyche. Beliefs that, because they deal with the fringes of consensus reality, are rarely subjected to logical analysis, often become the focus of  both “true belief” and “cynical debunking”—two equal and opposite departures from logical objectivity—two sides of the same coin.  And to the degree that the effort to make sense of the UFO phenomenon is limited to the question “are they real or only an illusion?”, all questions of their spiritual quality or their possible use as a vector of mass mind-control are pushed into the background. You are either a true believer or a cynical debunker; the purpose of the cynical debunker is in fact to create the true believer, to separate the knowledge that he or she possesses of the reality of the UFO phenomenon, based on painstaking research if not personal experience, from the collective validation that such knowledge would normally enjoy, thus producing a state of paranoia. Undoubtedly those who are working to influence mass belief well know that an individual laboring under this kind of oppression will desperately seek to overcome his schizophrenic split from consensus reality by finding or developing an explanation for his experience that consensus reality will accept. Consequently he or she will be apt to accept uncritically whatever explanations the social engineers may wish, for their own purposes, to provide; see my account of the mind-control technique of “deferred closure”, below. And just as the cynical debunker causes the true believer to harden his position, so the believer has the same effect on the debunker.

             Harvard psychiatrist, UFOlogist and Pulitzer Prize-willing author John Mack (he won his Pulitzer for a book on T.E. Lawrence, who was a British Intelligence asset; his UFO book is entitled Abduction) gained influence over his clients, most of them “alien abductees”, by taking their side against their cynical friends, relatives and employers, many of whom thought they were crazy. But Dr. Mack was their friend; Dr. Mack believed them. His job was to help them to accept their experiences—to “accept” them as real, certainly, but also to “accept” the terroristic violation and indoctrination that such experiences usually involved—two very different meanings of the same word. Mack’s job, apparently, was to solidify and exploit the alien control that first penetrated the souls of his clients during their abduction experience, in a perfect example of well-known brainwashing technique of alternating terror (the abducting, violating aliens) with relief (the helpful, understanding Dr. Mack).

            There has definitely been a concerted government effort to debunk the reality of UFOs; I certainly don’t want to deny this obvious fact. But as I have stated, I believe there has also been a parallel attempt to plant the idea of their reality the public mind. It is possible that these seemingly opposed efforts may represent different factions within the power elite, but it is equally possible that both are part of a single overall strategy. In the 1997 UFO documentary Area 51, one of the interviewees makes the claim that as the human race entered the space age, the U. S. government and the military confronted the following question: What if in our exploration of space we encounter intelligent, technologically-advanced aliens and establish their reality? What effect would this have on human society? The conclusion was that it would create social chaos, so the Rand Corporation and the Brookings Institute were hired to develop a plan to head off this potential chaos. The result was a proposal that the public be slowly acclimatized to the notion of human encounter with extraterrestrial aliens over a 30 year period. Clearly the planting of evidence (spurious or otherwise) pointing to the reality of aliens, and the debunking of evidence in favor of that reality, would both find their place in such a plan.

            But this begs the question: what was supposed to happen at the end of those 30 years? The Rand/Brookings social engineering plan may or may not actually exist, but if it does, it could have started out as described, and then progressively morphed into a plan to produce incontrovertible evidence of alien/human interaction (spurious or otherwise) after the 30 years were up, for specific social engineering purposes—perhaps in order to create the “united earth” that must ready itself to encounter an enemy from another galaxy. This, incidentally, would go a long way toward explaining the heavy and overt military and intelligence involvement in the Disclosure Movement (see below). As Peter Levenda recounts in his book The Nine (the first in the Sinister Forces trilogy), the relationship between the UFO phenomenon and the push for a One-World Government was clearly expressed by General Douglas MacArthur in a speech to the cadets at West Point on May 12,1962: 

We deal now, not with the things of this world alone, but with the illimitable distances and as yet unfathomed mysteries of the universe…. of ultimate conflict between a united human race and the sinister forces of some other planetary galaxy; of such dreams and fantasies as to make life the most exciting of all times. And through all this welter of change and development your mission remains fixed, determined, inviolable. It is to win our wars [emphasis mine].

            Returning now to Area 51, I would suggest that anyone viewing this documentary (it is available through Netflix) should direct his or her attention to one scene where, in a supposed video of a UFO, the object in question is described by the narrator as entering the field of vision “from the lower right”, whereas the actual image we see is in the upper half of the screen. This disconnect between word and image is one form of the mind control technique I have named “subliminal contradiction”. If the viewer accepts both the message received by his eyes and the opposite message received through his ears unconsciously, without noting the contradiction, his critical faculties are at least partially disabled and he becomes highly receptive to suggestion. (The “lower right quadrant” element also suggests a Neuro-Linguistic Programming technique.)

            This “error” in the documentary does not appear in the (supposedly unrehearsed) accounts of the interviewees; it appears in the composed narrative of the voice-over—and if it were an actual error it would certainly have been caught and corrected in the editing process. So we must conclude that it was deliberate, and thus that Area 51 as a whole is a mind control production, possibly to further prepare us for the “disclosure” to come. And as for the revelation (if legitimate) that Rand and Brookings produced a report recommending that the belief in UFOs be slowly engineered into the public mind, this could be an example of the mind control technique Michael Hoffman calls “revelation of the method”, as well as an attempt to depotentiate and co-opt any glimmer of realization on the part of the public that the belief in UFOs is being promoted as well as debunked. This could be done by admitting that the promotion is taking place while at the same time explaining it in such a way as to further the ultimate ends of that promotion rather than undermining them: “Certainly we are covertly promoting the belief in UFOs—not to delude you, however, but to prepare you to accept the truth.” (This assertion appears not only in Area 51, but in the 2000 documentary Close Encounters: Proof of Alien Contact, also available through Netflix.) And to both promote and debunk the existence of alien-human contact could certainly represent the technique of subliminal contradiction applied on a mass level. This technique even seems to form part of MacArthur’s speech in 1962: what could be more contradictory than for the cadets at West Point to be asked to steel themselves to fulfill a “fixed, determined, inviolable” mission in a war against “fantasies and dreams”?

            As I have already made clear, I entirely accept the reality of the UFO phenomenon and the existence of “aliens”, but I see the aliens as demons and the true reality of ongoing alien-human contact as the systematic invocation of such demons by elements of the military and intelligence communities operating under deep cover, an alliance that may have begun in some cases—as Peter Levenda and others have speculated—when scientists in Russia or at the Stanford Research Institute or the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory inadvertently broke through, in the course of their various psycho-technological tinkerings, into the dimension the demons inhabit. (See The Manson Secret, the third book in the Sinister Forces trilogy, for accounts of the harrowing praeternatural apparitions that dogged the scientists from Lawrence Livermore after they undertook to test the psychic powers , including psycho-kinesis, of Uri Geller in 1974-75.) And it is highly likely that such experiments in arcane science would have been inspired, in some cases at least, by the demons themselves.

            “Mind control” techniques of various descriptions also operate in ordinary social situations. Anyone who has a basically manipulative way of relating to others is, if successful, a junior grade mind-controller; such people are often attracted to intelligence work where they can hone their skills and bring them to a more professional level. I personally experienced the effects of the revelation-of-the-method technique at the hands of a “friend” with whom I was involved in a certain church project. For quite a few years this man had been a management consultant with an impressive portfolio of past work in the world of multi-national corporations, teaching various meditative and cognitive techniques to upper management and applying them to conflict resolution and organizational development; his ex-wife had a background in undercover work with the Pinkerton Detective Agency. On one occasion I told him, “I feel like I’m being used”—to which he replied: “But you want to be used, don’t you? Don’t you want to be useful?” Today my answer to that question would simply be “no—at least not by, or to, you”; but at that time I only replied, “Uh, yeah, sure, I guess….” In like manner, when Americans are told “your mass consciousness is being manipulated—but you already suspected that, didn’t you?”, our answer often is not “You bastard, are you one of the manipulators?”, but “Hey! We were right!”—a much pleasanter sentiment, a much less frightening concept than the idea of total helplessness.

            Since my main area of expertise is traditional metaphysics, let us now take a look at how various mind-control techniques, or those events and processes I believe might represent them, would look from a metaphysical perspective. To begin with, the use of the “revelation of the method” technique to demoralize the public by nonchalantly letting them know that they are (perhaps) under total control, is in fact based on a satanic inversion of the metaphysical principle that God is both Absolute Good and Absolute Power, an inversion that produces the counter-proposition: whatever is inevitable must therefore be good—the same principle that leads some voters to “back the winner” even if he or she is opposed to everything they claim to hold sacred. And subliminal contradiction itself is the satanic inversion of another metaphysical principle which holds that “God is beyond the dvandvas, the pairs-of-opposites”; to employ subliminal contradiction is thus to imply that whatever reality may lie beyond them (“the truth is out there!” as the X-Files mantra has it) must necessarily be Absolute Truth and Absolute Power. These inversions of universally accepted metaphysical principles are so precise and so word-perfect that one is led to ask whether or not certain Satanists, or mind-controllers trained and employed by the military or the intelligence services, may have in fact studied metaphysics so as to put it to use, in inverted mode, as the highest form of the “magical” manipulation of consciousness. (Anyone who has read The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis will be familiar with the idea of the demonic manipulation of mass social attitudes—a manipulation that we might ascribe, under the theory that devils are rebel angels, to the “fallen cherubim”. The cherubs appear in the Book of Ezekiel as “flying-saucer”-like aerial wheels whose rims are studded with eyes, symbolizing an aeonian knowledge that is both global in space and simultaneous in time. And the inverted, satanic metaphysicians who may be inspired by these fallen cherubim could be those to whom René Guénon, in The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times, applies the Islamic/Sufic name of Awliya al-Shaytan, “saints of Satan”.) 

            I would also like to draw your attention to what I believe could be another mind control technique that appears from time to time in the various UFO videos available on YouTube: A video with a caption like “Huge Amazing Mothership Appears over El Paso!” is followed by a video of a sky with clouds, and nothing else. This is similar to subliminal contradiction, but it is also apparently an attempt to suggest that the viewer sees something that he in fact does not see—in other words, to set up a hallucination. (It would be interesting to know whether subliminal images form a part of this process.) This technique is also based on an inversion of a particular metaphysical principle that lies at the heart of Christian theology, in this case the principle that God the Father, Who is Reality Itself, is invisible (“None has seen the Father at any time” said Jesus in John 1:18). In other words, the UFO that is invisible, but actually there, is identified with God Himself, the corollary being (again in Christian terms) that the UFO that does appear is equivalent to Christ, who is the manifestation or icon of the Father. And a UFO that is considered equivalent to Christ is nothing less than a sign of the Antichrist.      

            In any case, I believe that the evidence is quite strong that elements of the U.S. government and the governments of other nations have been doing all they can to implant the idea of the reality of UFOs as extraterrestrial spacecraft in the public mind while simultaneously debunking this belief; why else would Douglas MacArthur have come right out and told us in 1962 that the next world war—or the next war of the worlds—will be between a united humanity and invaders from another galaxy? In doing so he may have in fact revealed that the ultimate goal served by the inculcation of a belief in extraterrestrials in the public mind is to create a One-World Government by uniting the peoples of the Earth against a (real or imagined) common enemy—a speculation Jacques Vallee also put forward in Messengers of Deception. And if a united earth is the goal of such propaganda and mind control, then it stands to reason that the impetus and resources necessary to carry on such a massive social engineering campaign—which I believe includes the production of such motion pictures as ET and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, (both directed by Steven Spielberg), the docudrama Roswell, and television series’ like The X-Files, as well as well-timed public releases of classified UFO files by the governments of Mexico, France, the United Kingdom, and more recently New Zealand—likely emanate from a power bloc that transcends the national governments. In my book Cracks in the Great Wall: UFOs and Traditional Metaphysics I had a section entitled Mind Control and Roswell: The Spielberg Agenda? in which I commented on the mind control-like qualities of Spielberg’s UFO productions. I subsequently learned from Sinister Forces that a nuclear physicist named Jack Sarfatti, a colleague of psychic investigator Andrija Puharich and famous psychic Uri Geller—Sarfatti was involved in the “remote viewing” experiments at the Stanford Research Institute (a group that also studied the powers of Geller), experiments that involved the U.S. Army, the CIA, the NSA, the DIA and the National Security Council—on one occasion introduced Uri Geller to Steven Spielberg. So it would seem that a U.S. intelligence influence operating through some of Spielberg’s movies is not beyond the realm of possibility.

            Several motion pictures beyond those produced by Spielberg appear to be attempts to build and manipulate the “alien” myth. Leaving aside the more obvious candidates for this rolesuch as The Day the Earth Stood Still, the 1952 science fiction movie Red Planet Mars, directed by Harry Horner and produced by Anthony Veiller (who also wrote the screenplay) seems to fit this description. (It is interesting, from a synchronistic point of view at least, that the motion picture was released in the same year that massive UFO fleets made their appearance over Washington, D.C.)

             Red Planet Mars presents itself as a simplistic piece of Cold War propaganda with a rather absurd plot—but an entirely different text is evident just beneath the surface. During World War II Horner worked on a U.S. Air Force propaganda film by Moss Hart called Wingéd Victory, based on his play of the same name; simultaneously Veiller was working with Frank Capra on several films in the documentary/propaganda film series entitled Why We Fight. When Horner made his directorial debut with Red Planet Mars, starring Peter Graves, this got him in on the ground floor of an American postwar trend, or program, of using science fiction movies to posit new social paradigms and belief-systems, movies sometimes drawing upon the expertise of WWII cinematic propagandists trying to reinvent themselves in a Cold War context, possibly under continued government patronage. All of them were following more or less in the foot-steps of H. G. Wells.

            The basic story-line is as follows: An independent American scientist begins sending radio messages to Mars and picking up replies suggesting intelligent life; these exchanges are also being monitored by a Nazi scientist in South America working for the Russian Communists. The communiqués, detailing the advanced technology and high quality of life on the Red Planet, cause global chaos and economic breakdown, especially in the West, which leads Russia and the Soviet Block to believe that they have won the Cold War. But then messages with a religious content begin arriving, messages that suggest that God, or Christ, is the “supreme ruler” or “supreme being” of Mars. (The Mormons actually hold a similar belief.) This precipitates a worldwide religious revival, which the President of the United States interprets as heralding the advent of a new universal faith, based on the most ancient truths, one that encompasses and transcends all the traditional religions. This revival culminates in a Christian uprising in Russia that overthrows the Soviet system and installs the Patriarch of Moscow as the new head of state. The world rejoices. All this appears on the surface to be simply another example of the “Christian anti-Communism” of the Cold War, but since the religious world revolution is shown as   based on the revelation that Jesus is not God but really only a Martian, leading to the inescapable conclusion that there is no God, it’s obvious that a  radically different worldview and agenda are being promoted: what appears to be a Christian revolution against dialectical materialism is  really a materialist revolution against every religious faith.

             Then things take a turn: the Nazi scientist shows up at the American scientist’s laboratory, and reveals that he was the one who transmitted the messages supposedly coming from Mars; he shows them the original texts in his notebook. He threatens to tell the world of his deception and destroy the new-found peace. The American scientist and his wife realize that the later religious messages aren’t in the notebook, so they must have come from another source. At this point the American scientist begins to “lose his faith in Mars” and believe that the messages were likely a deception planted by the U.S. government to bring down the Soviet system; the Nazi agrees. The picture now reaches a Luciferian/nihilist crescendo. The Nazi starts quoting Milton’s “Paradise Lost”: “Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven…. the unconquerable Will,/And study of revenge, immortal hate, /And courage never to submit or yield….”; he declares that he worships Lucifer. Then, unbeknownst to the Nazi, the American scientist releases explosive gas into the laboratory, planning to blow him up along with himself and his wife in order to preserve the deception that has brought peace to the world; his wife sees what he has done, agrees to die with him, tells him she loves him and says that what they are doing is good; the Nazi still doesn’t realize what is afoot, but he pulls a gun and holds them captive. The scientist’s wife asks him to light a cigarette for her which will touch off the  explosion, but he resists. She says to the Nazi, immediately after she has chosen to commit murder and double suicide in order to protect a global deception: “God gave us free will, that’s what distinguishes us from the animals. But if we choose evil now, that’s the end of the human story.” Then the Nazi realizes that the room is filled with explosive gas. He struggles to prevent the American from lighting his lighter, but at the last moment a real message starts coming in from Mars, indicating that the earlier religious messages were genuine, so the Americans no longer need to blow up the laboratory. The Nazi, however, in an attempt to suppress the message, fires at the transmitter and the laboratory blows up, killing all three.

              The eulogy for the scientist and his wife is delivered by the President of the United States, who talks about their being caught up to God in a fiery chariot (the lab explosion), but then contradicts himself, rather eerily, by saying “the whole earth is their sepulcher”. Apparently no more messages will be coming from Mars because only the dead couple (and the Nazi) knew how to receive them. But the last message has been preserved: “Ye have done well, ye good and faithful servant.” The movie ends with a view of churches all over the world filled with the faithful giving thanks to God for their salvation in a world of peace. In the last scene a Pentagon general embraces the American scientist’s two orphan sons, as if he were their father now. The whole idea that Jesus was a Martian is never denied, just drowned and suppressed in a wave of Christian piety.

            So here we see God’s salvation of the world identified with murder and suicide, perhaps in a Luciferian version of the Crucifixion and the suicide of Judas; we see the “good” American scientist and his wife and the “evil” Nazi united in choosing to commit a capital crime and mortal sin; we see telling the truth to the world associated with Nazi evil, and deceiving the world identified with good upstanding American Christian (or good upstanding American Martian) good; and we see the military taking over the protection and raising of our children. The effect of this motion picture in terms of social engineering is to deny the existence of God but retain religious sentiment while diverting it to an inappropriate, material object (i.e. an idol), and to represent deception and crime as the only way to world peace and global unity: if the people would only forget God, make a god out of science, happily allow themselves to be deceived and call evil good, all would be well on planet earth. I have absolutely no doubt that these are the precise social engineering goals of many in the power elite, who may well have hired Horner and Veiller, these makers of propaganda films, people who had already worked under their direction during the war, to implant these notions—under cover of cheap cinematic fiction that need not be rigorously analyzed because it is not expected to be taken seriously—in the mass mind. 

            Postwar cinema presents us with two basic images of  the “extra-     terrestrials”: they are either a technologically advanced and spiritually enlightened race whose intentions toward humanity are good, or a race of evil monsters bent on enslaving or destroying us. Red Planet Mars, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Carl Sagan’s Contact and (in some ways) Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind present more or less the first view—although The Day the Earth Stood Still portrays the aliens as interstellar policemen who will destroy us if we do renounce war as they have—except, apparently, when they opt to destroy entire races and planets from time to time—while The War of the Worlds, the television miniseries V, Independence Day and a whole slew of grade B space operas present the aliens as enemies of the human race. However, both these  versions   

of the aliens have one thing in common: they both call for global unity, either as the crowning “evolutionary” achievement of humanity as helped and guided by the “space brothers”, or (as Douglas MacArthur warned us) the necessary united front against an enemy from beyond the stars. And given the nature of the   mind-control technique I have named “unconscious contradiction”, it is not inconceivable that both views of the space aliens were designed to work together; in any case they do work together de facto. It is quite likely that H.G. Wells, as an unashamed technocratic globalist, intended War of the Worlds as a propaganda piece promoting global unity; he certainly presents space travel as part and parcel of a politically united earth in his Things to Come. In the first book he paints the aliens as enemies of the earth; in the second, it is the higher caste of technocratic globalists who initiate space travel, as against the bigotry and superstition of the ignorant masses who want humanity to remain earthbound. In The Day the Earth Stood Still the aliens act as a sort of United Nations peacekeeping force; in Red Planet Mars and Contact they are revealed as the actual material reality behind the human belief in God. But despite their differences, every one of these motion pictures is a clear apology for political globalization. A question I can’t answer with any certainty, but one that definitely needs to be asked, is: could this unanimity be nothing more than an accidental reflection of the zeitgeist, or is it, at least in part, the product of a deliberate program of social engineering?

            A recent example of the kind of  engineering I am talking about is the book Challenges of Change by “retired NORAD officer” Stanley A. Fulham, which is supposed to be based on revelations made by an “intelligence officer connected with NORAD” of a great deal of UFO information that has been kept secret from the public by the U.S. government, and which predicted that UFOs would appear in the skies above earth’s cities on Oct. 13 of 2010, in a sort of real-life version of a similar episode from science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke’s book Childhood’s End. The UFOs dutifully appeared, right on schedule (you can see the videos on YouTube), although the ones that took their place in the sky above New York’s Central Park gave more the impression of illuminated helium balloons than of the more spectacular and convincing types of UFO phenomena.

         Retired astronaut Edgar Mitchell, in a 2008 interview, made a “startling new revelation” about UFOs, claiming that the U.S. government has been trying to hide their existence for years but that the truth finally leaked out despite their best efforts. He also revealed that he had been briefed by the Pentagon on several occasions—one of these briefings, he implied, being fairly recent—to the effect that the UFO phenomenon is real, and the government is in ongoing contact with the extraterrestrials. We know, however, that Mitchell has been making claims like this for many years; why would the Pentagon reveal information to him that they hoped would never be made public when, judging by his past statements, he was all but certain to make it public, as he in fact did? And why was he never subject to persecution or legal action for revealing classified information? This makes no sense—unless the true intent of the unknown source of this “informa-tion” (and of Mitchell himself), is to implant the belief in UFOs in the public mind. As Levenda points out, Edgar Mitchell (who also happens to be a Freemason) has a long-standing  involvement in paranormal research; he was the one who was on hand to welcome Uri Geller to the Stanford Research Institute.

           One of the methods employed in this mass social engineering campaign is illustrated by the following anecdote: Someone admitted to an American Air Force base catches a glimpse of an object resembling a UFO through an open hangar door. As soon as he sees it, the door is closed and he is told “You weren’t supposed to see that”. Then, a few days later, the proverbial “men in black” arrive at his house, threatening reprisals if he tells anyone what he saw. This is a classic case of psychological manipulation, where an event that might have made little impression on him suddenly, through the use of terror, assumes the status of a dark revelation: “If these people are desperate enough to threaten to harm me or my family if I reveal what I know, THEN WHAT I SAW MUST BE REAL.”

            So it appears that various governments, possibly taking their orders from an authority that transcends the national state, have been trying to capitalize on the UFO phenomenon by officially denying that it exists (against massive and mounting evidence) while at the same clandestinely leaking stories confirming that it does exist. Why would they do this, other than as an opportunity to employ the subliminal contradiction technique on a mass level, or as a way of “easing” the public into an acceptance of the reality of extraterrestrials so as to minimize social chaos when the big “disclosure” arrives? For one thing, if they were to officially admit the existence of the UFO phenomenon, they would either have to say “we don’t know what it is and we can’t control it”—thus undercutting their own authority—or else they would have to produce the alien diplomats they are claiming to be in contact with so they could appear on the Oprah show. Since they can’t produce those diplomats, they would rather let a growing segment of the population believe that they are in contact with extraterrestrials, but that they must hide this to prevent mass panic. By acting in this way they are suggesting to the populace that they have immensely powerful allies, and at the same time preventing their lack of a full understanding of the UFO phenomenon (which Jacques Vallee believes to be the case) from being publicly exposed. So what we have is a mass mind-control project piggybacking on a real phenomenon, which would explain why some UFO encounters are truly inexplicable, while others appear to be deceptions most likely produced by human action.

             This social engineering program has already produced, among other things, the Disclosure Movement, many of whose sponsors have military or intelligence backgrounds (they are quite open about this), which is dedicated to pressuring the U.S. government to come clean on what it knows about UFOs and alien contact. And every time they “force” the government to reveal another item of data about the “reality” of this contact, the greater their sense of triumph after so many years of social marginalization, of being typed as mentally imbalanced cranks. In view of this long-delayed “success” it is highly unlikely that most Disclosurites would be willing to consider the possibility that they are being manipulated by the very people they believe they are finally triumphing over after a lifetime of lonely struggle.

            The program has also given rise to the “discipline” known as exopolitics, whose proponents believe that that they are in ongoing, diplomatic communication with the aliens via an extraterrestrial organization or organizations somewhat on the order of the United Federation of Planets from the Star Trek mythology. In this they are imitating what they believe the Federal Government is capable of; according to them, the Feds don’t have the monopoly on extraterrestrial contact, by golly! They too have made an alliance with the Powers of the Beyond. This leads us to ask how this “communication” with the aliens might be accomplished. Are their “allies” from the intelligence community feeding them all the latest diplomatic communiques? Or are they in direct contact with the demons themselves through channeling and mediumship?

            This second possibility is far from unlikely, given that the well-known psychic researcher Andrija Puharich, associate of Aldous Huxley, the man who introduced Uri Geller to American audiences, consultant to the Pentagon on the military uses of parapsychology, participant in the MK-ULTRA mind control experiments conducted by the CIA, was also involved, along with a group of eight colleagues that included members of some of America’s first families, in channeling (through an East Indian medium) a group of “extra-terrestrial entities” known as The Nine; the story is recounted in Peter Levenda’s book of the same name.

             To sum up, the “outer” explanation of the UFO phenomenon and the human activities surrounding it is as follows: The phenomenon is real, and largely inexplicable according to conventional science, though theories abound. In view of this, national governments, or cabals within them, or various extra-governmental power blocs, have said to themselves: “If we can’t explain or control the UFO phenomenon, we can at least use it to our benefit.” Consequently they have been playing a game with the public of issuing both official denials that the phenomenon exists, or is inexplicable, or is in any way significant, while at the same time planting spurious evidence that suggests it is all too real—evidence to which are attached various items of belief, or various commands, that they wish to disseminate. In particular, they apparently want to spread the belief that national governments know a great deal about the phenomenon and what’s behind it, and that such governments are in fact in ongoing contact with intelligent extraterrestrial beings, but must officially deny this for obvious reasons. In other words, the actual disinformation being disseminated is not in service of the alleged Massive Government Coverup, which in practical terms would be almost impossible to pull off, but rather a highly successful attempt by some group or groups to make the population believe that a Massive Government Coverup exists, that the government wishes above all things to debunk the UFO phenomenon—a much easier task. (This is not to say that the military and the intelligence community do not possess great masses of classified data on UFOs and alien contact, simply that they do not necessarily understand what they are or why they are appearing; this, at least, is Jacques Vallee’s belief.)

             The effect of this affirmation/denial technique in terms of the more “exoteric” aspects of social engineering is five-fold:

1) It protects the national governments from being called upon to actually produce the alien diplomats they are supposedly in contact with;

2) It lends such governments an aura of preternatural power, and terror, since they appear to have as allies highly “advanced” beings, beings from Beyond, who certainly do not rule by the will of the people;

3) The practice of openly denying while covertly affirming the existence of extraterrestrials is an example of two mind-control techniques. The first, detailed above, is the one that I have termed “subliminal contradiction”: Contradictory bits of information are proposed to the human mind as equally true, and the contradiction between them carefully kept from rising into consciousness; this technique stuns the critical faculties and put the mind of the individual or collective subjected to it into a highly suggestible state. The second technique, which I call “deferred closure”, by continually promising to satisfy and at the same time continually frustrating the innate need and function of the human mind to come to a consistent view of reality, produces a state of “closure-starvation”, after which almost any belief that promises to provide the desperately needed closure will be seized upon as true, and believed implicitly, like a straw clutched by a drowning man. It will be believed because it is seen not as an alien notion that is being imposed upon the subject against his will, but as the product of his own creativity, insight, perseverance, and self-sacrifice.

 4) It makes the true UFO believers feel as if they are part of a growing and increasingly successful campaign to force the hand of the U.S. government, that they are both persecuted martyrs and victorious heroes. This is a perfect example of the government co-optation of anti-government action, the creation of a “controlled opposition”—a method of social engineering that is certainly not limited to the UFO field;

 5) By fostering the mass belief in alien contact, it acts to break down traditional paradigms of reality, including religious worldviews, in order to make the imposition of a One World Government, and possibly a One World Religion, easier to swallow—a religion that must appear to any well-informed believer of the Abrahamic Religions as the regime of Antichrist. As General Douglas MacArthur said on Sept. 2, 1945 (recounted by Peter Levenda in A Warm Gun, the second book in his Sinister Forces trilogy):

We have had our last chance. If we cannot devise some more equitable system, our Armageddon will be at our door. The problem basically is theological and involves a spiritual recrudescence, an improvement of human character that will synchronize with our most matchless advances in science, art, literature and all the material and cultural developments of the past two thousand years. It must be of the spirit if we are to save the flesh [emphasis mine]. 

It is possible to see this as a call for a Christian revival in western civilization. The general, however, does not appeal here to Christian tradition, but to science, literature and art. His pronouncement is also a succinct statement of the basic premise of the classic science fiction movie The Day the Earth Stood Still, whose theme is in no way Christian; it almost fits him to be considered one of the ideological founders, the “grand old men”, of the New Age Movement!

            Furthermore, as I have already pointed out, the human activities surrounding the UFO phenomenon have an “inner” or “esoteric” explanation as well: Certain individuals and groups within national governments and/or the intelligence community and/or various extra-governmental power blocs actually are in touch with “extraterrestrial intelligences”, but in much different way than they wish the public to believe. These “intelligences” are demons, and those in touch with them, black magicians. What to the “exoteric” social engineers are deception activities designed to alter mass belief, to the “esoteric” magicians, the “metaphysicists”, are acts of demonic invocation: the mass belief in extraterrestrials, and the mass suggestion programs that foster this belief, actually aid these awliya al-Shaytan in their attempt to contact those entities, and release their baleful influence upon an unsuspecting world.

            The esoteric dimension of the UFO phenomenon and the human activities surrounding it also manifests in terms of an inverted metaphysics. As subliminal contradiction is the satanic shadow of the Absolute, so deferred closure is the satanic shadow of the metaphysical principle, enunciated by metaphysician Frithjof Schuon (who was in some ways a “successor” to René Guénon) that God, as Absolute Reality, is necessarily also Infinite Possibility—which is why Scripture informs us that “with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26). If the intuitive sense of Infinite Possibility becomes alienated from the intuitive sense of Absolute Reality, the Absolute will falsely appear not as the inviolable source of all stability, security and certainty, but rather as a kind of “Absolutist”, a Divine Tyrant. At the same time, our perception of the Divine Infinity will be transformed from a vision of Infinite Life into an endless pursuit of an elusive wholeness that always escapes our grasp, one that leads only to the dissipation, and ultimately the destruction, of the soul that attempts it, or is lured into it. It is this deluded quest that led William Blake to say, “More! More! is the cry of a mistaken soul; less than All can never satisfy man.” If subliminal contradiction is the satanic inversion of the Absolute, and consequently of the masculine aspect of the Divinity, deferred closure is avidya-maya, the satanic inversion of the Divine Feminine. Subliminal contradiction stuns and oppresses us with a heavy hand; deferred closure teases us, drains our vitality, until we become its slaves, its eunuchs.

            One final and highly interesting piece of the UFO puzzle may have been provided by a strange figure known as Prophet Yahweh—a Black man who dresses a bit like a Muslim and who claims to be able to summon UFOs at will. In a 2008 news editorial on ABC Channel 13 in Las Vegas, Nevada (available on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObD_ujS0t9E), he was shown as apparently able to induce a swift, high-flying orange sphere to materialize on command, which was filmed by the startled news crew. Prophet Yahweh had issued a challenge to the media, claiming that he possessed this ability; Channel 13 responded by naming the place, date and time when the UFO was to appear, apparently hoping to produce an entertaining segment debunking an inflated but harmless crank. But when the UFO actually did appear, they were (apparently) non-plussed. It is possible of course that Channel 13 was in on the stunt. But if they weren’t, a couple of other scenarios suggest themselves: either the Prophet was in radio contact with human agents able to produce the phenomenon at will, or he did in fact possess the psychic ability to invoke the apparition of UFOs. In other words, he was either a disinformation agent or an actual magician—possibly both (though he has more the demeanor of a victim, possibly a victim of mind-control, than of a powerful and self confident Magus). I remember when, as a child in the late 1950’s, my family and I used to gather on our patio at night overlooking San Francisco Bay to view the Perseid meteor shower, which takes place in August. Gazing up at the starry sky for hours, my mind would wander to the subject of flying saucers; I had the distinct feeling that if I wished hard enough I could make one appear—and I don’t think I am alone in this fantasy, which seems to be one aspect of the “UFO archetype” in collective belief. Years later, meditating with my eyes open just after sundown on Mt. Shasta, California, I saw two distinct and vivid points of light crossing the twilight. Startled, I came out of my light meditative trance: the lights were no longer there. So I settled back into meditation—and there they were again. That’s when I came to the conclusion that UFOs are objective realities—by which I mean actually out there in space, or in one sort of space—and also psychic realities, in the sense that one could peer into the dimension proper to them by altering one’s consciousness.

            In conclusion—leaving aside for now the possibility of organized demonic invocation to usher in the Antichrist, which not every reader will accept, to say the least—I believe that UFOs and alien contact are both very real phenomena and elements of a modern myth that has been partly created, and certainly widely manipulated, by various governmental and globalist forces for their own purposes. Until the UFO debunkers take the hard evidence for the reality of UFOs seriously, and the UFO believers do the same with the hard evidence that their conception of the phenomenon is being manipulated by people who do not have their best interests at heart, no sort of scientific, or psychological, or political objectivity will be possible with regard to the UFO phenomenon and its profound effects upon the human race.

~~ Charles Upton

31 Responses to “UFOs, Mass Mind-Control, and the Awliya al-Shaytan, by Charles Upton [An update of Cracks in the Great Wall: UFOs and Traditional Metaphysics; Sophia Perennis, 2005]”

  1. Dear Charles,

    A few random thoughts. There are some things that resonate with this article. They indirectly touch on the linkage of the UFO, the jinn, and the magical worldview, with popular culture.

    Terry Gilliam’s new Movie, the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, is a post-modern morality tale of wonder and cheap tinsel magic. It is brilliant on some levels; Terry Gilliam is certainly erudite (I believe all of the Monty Python guys scored high on History, if I recall they were elite public school educated).

    Tom Waits appropriately plays Satan. It’s a rather amusing and Monty Pythonesque morality tale that slides into these matters. No little Gray Men of course, but more subtle things

    There are, of course, probably better things to watch or do. But I enjoyed the flick

    A Moroccan friend of mine shared a few aspects of a sedition – the fitnah of Bou Hamara(in classical Arabic Abu Ahmara). Father of the She Donkey, a traditional title of the anti-christ, el-dajjal.

    The sedition occurred in his country, had some connections with French and Spanish military intelligence, but had an uncanny fey ring to it. When I researched the incident I was both horrified and fascinated. The guy was literally a murderous carnival sideshow, full of necromancy, card tricks (literally), song and dance, and civil war.

    He carved out an inverted alternative government, by masterful forgery of government documents and extreme charm and persuasion.

    Things seem to repeat themselves and reverberate.

    Several years ago I did a good deal of research into the backgrounds of Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard. Something about the whole affair compelled me to delve deeper and explore it.

    The affair was one of many things that caused me to realize on a more than just intellectual level, that the forces and currents that Rene Guenon sometimes termed the “counter initiation” were not just hypothetical and somewhat amorphous forces, in the sense that many might imagine, but a web composed of ‘living’ willful beings, in an incredible web of interrelating persons.

    Many of whom are simply just tools. Well meaning, and sincere, and playing out roles carved for them by others.

    Few people deliberately will “evil” – sharrufor “evil’s” sake, I think, rather they seek what masquerades as khairu, beneficial good. A basic inversion of values.

    Personally, for most of my youth I was a Science and Fantasy fiction fan. In particular occult fiction. Like many who had some involvement in the occult, on deep recollection I came tor realize that my interests in the occult were, essentially, an outgrowth of my interests in occult themes fiction.

    From Comic books and graphic novels, to more serious literary fare. It probably started with one too many stories about jinn, that my Dad told me, and going out to see Ghostbusters in the 6th grade. I’m sure others had an equally banal trajectory.

    In looking at the history of actual linkages between literary circles of writers and artists and the Occult, gives a good example of how culture itself can operate as a sort of “recruiting force.”

    Example: poor Jack Parsons, whose example is absurdly romanticized. But when one actually looks into his life, you see a somewhat deluded, brilliant, romantic, young man. I get the impression that Crowley and Hubbard both were on a deeper level of the game than Parsons was.

    The overall emphasis on the space program, of getting off the planet, and Jack Parson’s linkage to Israeli intelligence, are all provocative.

    Much of this is very romantic. Which explains its appeal.

    Comic books fit in here too, Peter Levenda (cough.. I mean Simon) certainly documented how Marvel comic writers floated in the Occult milieu, but what’s less looked at is the massive occult inspiration of Golden Age comic books. Perhaps on the level of pop culture, Comic Books, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror novels all sort of operate on a liminal level – along with Occult theme popular music – as a gigantic “tuning mechanism.”

    And this is where Peter Levenda, brilliant as he is, fails to see what is in front of his nose – where comes in, is as one who sees part of the mess, while having been seduced by the one juicy meme that makes him ripe for exploitation, even for all of his factual knowledge.

    It is a “freedom meme” or rather, a liberational meme.
    We all want freedom, and we all want liberation. From what? Who knows, but it sure sounds and feels good.

    There are metaphysical reasons involved here, our yearning to breathe free. Can it be used against us, subverted>

    A romantic idea that through cultural and spiritual expansionism, liberation can be gained from the Shibboleth, of the ‘oppressive grips’ of traditional religion and conventionality, much less than the alienating consumerist aspects of modernity.

    An idea that the way to this liberation is through the miraculous and promethean powers of magick.

    It’s a good sounding story and has some coherence, at first grasp. It breaks apart if one only remembers who God is, what Allah is. al-Haqq, the Real. Then what of surrender to The Real?

    This is the most tragic thing to me, in yearning to breathe free, so many subvert and undermine their souls in ways we cannot even begin to see.

    This is out of misunderstanding the role of form in earthly manifestation, and frankly perhaps
    also just plain laziness. An inability to tolerate craft, effort, and formal constraints without which “freedom” can have no meaning.

    As a cloud of dissipating gas everywhere has no force, but channeled in a tube it can literally punch through steel.

    Like tragically wounded though still petulant children, the defining of freedom as the limitless expansion of the self becomes the limitless dissipation of the self and a real type of impotence.

    Of course some new ager out there may role her eyes and call me a fascist. One can’t force thirsty mules to drink. But one can warn that a pond’s water is arsenic laced.

    Perhaps our literary and aesthetic environments, partially conditioned by a Jinnic wonder for powers, for siddhis, through technique, through machines, through the psyche, that all of this – an idolatry of technique, and of agency then – may be acting as a sort of psychological tuning mechanism.

    This is a bad analogy, but the tuning in question is to harmonize “the wavelengths” (groovy vibes..) of the masses to get them to

    “turn on”
    “tune in”

    ..to the last wonder-working show of the age, the final Carnival show phase of the dajjal..
    I’m sure there will be a saucer or two, and many little green men.

  2. You needn’t speculate. Read the whistleblowers.

    pastebin dot com/W5vrhTJU

    William Lyne confronted Arthur C. Clarke over his acting role in the he-said-she-said UFO dialectic. He left Clarke speechless. Lyne saw Nazi Paperclip antigravity craft zooming around postwar New Mexico. He also got offers to write fake ancient history propaganda a la Sitchin. Today the Faux History Channel leads that circus.

    Bill Cooper saw classified gov docs on aliens which he said were planted to generate “insider” accounts for “disclosure.” These “secret” docs were circulated to officers with “access” to create leaks from “insiders.”

    An expolitics leader claims on mass media to have encountered Jesus Christ. There is the religious angle, roping Christians into UFO belief. Why, Jesus confirms exopolitics! (Actually, Jesus was apolitical but those with political agendas are always claiming His approval – an old trick going back to occult Constantine.)

    Now Remote Viewers like Ed Dames are all open or closet Satanists. Just research those unbelievable people. You can’t make this up. Ed Dames claims to have remote viewed the Devil. Ancient soothsaying dressed as modern science bamboozles “college educated” masses.

    William Dean Ross served a black program on demons and electronic mind control with alien contact as the cover. He caught one program manager lying about “missing time.” Ross has choice words about “disclosure” proponents like Dr. Steven Greer. You can also find occult connections via Constance Cumbey for many of these people like Ed Mitchell. Noetic Sciences is a big nexus.

    Joe Jordan tells how ostracism happens to those who investigate non-alien explanations in ufology; http://www.ce4research.com

    The Roswell bodies were rhesus monkeys for medical flight tests. Many high-altitude and orbital test flights had monkey passengers. Pictures abound. Some animals they first shaved for easier postflight physicals or postmortems, like the Roswell monkeys. Of course Roswell was not rocketry, but Paperclip tech.

    Crop circles are tests of orbital gamma ray weapons emitting low power. Base personnel draw patterns on desktop computers and upload them to onboard targeting computers. You get “spontaneous human combustion” when they target a person.

    Gullible people think crop circles are alien messages, and psyops folks don’t mind. But third-world governments take a different message – “behold our weaponry.” They know the score. So crop circles serve at least three purposes (1) weapons check (2) psyops (3) subrosa threats.

    UFO disablement of nuclear missiles proves these craft are human military/intelligence with sensitive command codes and/or ground agents (“Turn off the missiles when we hover, and ensure the base notices both that and us”). Illuminati defectors explain they either staff directly or blackmail top command codes out of the highest offices and most secret compartments, especially those that rotate.

  3. Just a minor point: Terry Gilliam was the one member of the Monthy Pyhton team who wasn’t Oxbridge educated.

    The dajjal of Islamic tradition is indeed a powerful force, bringing back a dead man to life at the peak of his deception. The fitnah (deception) of dajjal is now everywhere around us. The surprising thing is how deeply their forces have penetrated, even (especially?) in the economic fabric of our society, and in surprising ways.

  4. Dear Mik,

    I agree with almost everything you say, as far as it goes. I always thought that crop circles represented tests or psy-ops use of some little-known new technology; my own
    speculation is that it was some technique for exerting a slight pressure over large areas so as to explode mine fields, but its inventors later realized it would also be ideal for deception activities as long as the technology was unknown to the public; stage magicians used magic lanterns and electromagnets in the same way before they became generally known. How gamma waves could produce crop circles and how they could spontaneously combust people but not wheat is hard for me to imagine; I would think that their wavelength is too short to have a gross physical effect like bending grass, though they certainly can disrupt living tissue on the molecular level: they could kill people, but not cause them to burst into flames. Still, I’m no a scientist. In any case, crop circles fit the profile of covert human technology, not aliens or fairies.

    The thing I want to emphasize is that no matter how much of the UFO phenomenon can be explained by human deceptions and human technologies, there is also a paranormal, demonic element to it, which is clearly recognizable if you survey all the evidence. And it may be that various arcane technologies — anti-gravity, “psychotronics”, etc. — were inspired by the demons and, to the degree that they operate inter-dimensionally, also act as doorways allowing demonic forces greater access to our world.

    • Physical site evidence shows cooked plant joints. Bending is just after effect.

      Phased arrays can shape beams — scan, focus, track, or dial power. Kids burn ants with lens focusing sunlight. Phased arrays will focus or scan any wavelength. Focus, human combustion. Scan, crop circle. Amateur astrovids show miles-wide mystery craft in orbit.

      Click my name link for exposes on Greer and Rosin (actors).

  5. Charles-
    Nice article on many points. I have seen the two sides of UFO belief and denial by military and Intelligence for a long time. I have a rule of thumb. Never trust a source if the primary source is gov’t or military. There are far too many good UFO cases that are from everyday citizens to try to connect the other official dots. I have one thing though. Your traditionalism seems only differentiated from the other one world religion in that it is conservative. God is not schitzophreic. Reincarnation and Resurrection are antithesis. Every conservative path does not lead to ultimate final reality. Is the historical Jesus who he said he was? If not then he is not just another good teacher. He is the devil. If he is, then traditionalism is just one more thread in the global delusion crashing down upon us. The day is fast coming when the Right and Wrong shall war over earth. We should know that we know we have chosen correctly. :)

  6. Dear Gary,

    Thanks. One of my greatest fears is that Traditionalism/Perennialism will become a tributary to the One World Religion; in fact, this is one effect that it will inevitably have. The other and opposite effect is that it will demonstrate, and has, that God transcends His
    self-revelations which are the world religions, that while more than one religion may be a path to Him no religion can take His place, and also that all the traditional religions are menaced by the same Counter-Traditional forces that will culminate in Antichrist. So Traditionalism/Perennialism, as I said in my book The System of Antichrist in 2001, will go to serve both Christ and Antichrist; the announcement of the Transcendent Unity of Religions (which does NOT mean that all the religions are the same or are simply interchangeable) is thus an eschatological sign and a way that God is using to separate the sheep from the goats. If you really know the traditional religions, you will know that — unlike occultism and the New Age — they have all produced saints, and saints are the proof. As for the apparent logical impossiblity that two different traditional religions could be true, because when compared they contradict each other, this is possible because every God-given religion is a unique and INCOMPARABLE perspective on His nature and Way of relating to Him and returning to Him. God can only be approached through orthodox dogma and traditional channels of grace, but He cannot be defined by them or limited to them: He is Infinite, Transcendent and Absolute.

    But you are right about (what I would call) the dark side of Traditionalism/Perennialism — and the powers that be have already factored it into their plans, as indicated in the following, a footnote from my upcoming book VECTORS OF THE COUNTER-INITIATION:

    “Evidence is mounting that certain secularist and/or Counter-Initiatory forces have
    “recognized” Perennialism and begun to factor it into their plans. In a 2010 episode of the Inspector Lewis television detective series entitled “The Allegory of Love” (produced in Britain and aired on PBS), Traditionalism/Perennialism is “showcased” in a way that has nothing whatever to do with the plot. At one point the detective sidekick of Inspector Lewis, a
    a cynical, nihilistic ex-Catholic-seminary student, spies a book by Titus Burckhardt in the library of a Muslim professor at Oxford they are interrogating, and treats us to a fairly cogent capsule definition of “Perennialism”—but with absolutely no reference to the fact that the
    Perennialists are also by-and-large Traditionalists who require adherence to one of the revealed faiths, as Burckhardt certainly did. We then see a quick unexplained shot of the “Traditionalist spiderweb” diagram of concentric circles with radii, apparently to implant it in the consciousness of the audience as a waking suggestion for future use. Perennial-
    nialism is presented not in a Traditionalist context but in one of fantasy literature—of Harry Potter and the mythopoesis of C.S. Lewis, which are put on the same level, Lewis’ books being emptied of all Christian content. But it is made quite clear that Perennialism is not some Neo-Pagan religion for the hippies and the peasants, but a UNIVERSALISM FOR THE INTELLECTUAL ELITE. (Tavistock? Hello?)”

    ~~ Charles

  7. Charles –
    Thanks for you response. It is a very dangerous game to play – that Hate is Love, War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery. Remember the labyrinthine world of Orwell’s Doublethink? To hold that one million Gods of Hinduism, no God of Buddhism and One God of Christ all lead to ultimate final meaning is to trample on Reason.

    “What [the Nazis] had done was to dethrone reason and put Magic in it’s place. It is true that Cartesian reason does not cover the whole of man or the whole of his knowledge, so they had put it to sleep. But when Reason sleeps, it brings forth monsters.” (Morning of the Magicians)

  8. Dear Gary,

    Yes it is a dangerous game, especially after you see the destructive uses the Interfaith Movement has been put to. Taking the transcendent unity of religions seriously pushes you (or part of you) to transcend the conceptual level, to seek the Presence of God directly. And you can’t do that without God’s permission, His call and His help.

    It’s possible to say things like: Sure Buddhism has a God (though modern American Buddhists won’t admit it); the Dharmakaya is essentially equivalent to Eckhart’s Gottheit; the Sambhogakaya is the God we see in visions; the Nirmanakaya is God in human form. It’s just that the Buddhist method is apophatic: don’t become stuck with concepts, don’t generate idols, accept and see the Voidness of the Absolute as one with the Voidness of concepts and phenomena.

    As for reincarnation, if the “self” is identified as your “stuff”, your “materia”, then it is possible to say that your psychic materia passes from form to form, eternally recycled, just as every atom of your body was once part of another form, living or inanimate. But if your “self” is defined as the unique FORM that materia takes in this life, then there is no reincarnation and the soul is immortal.

    Etc., etc. Nonetheless the religions ARE “quasi-absolutely” different and exclusive on the plane of form — necessarily so, since only God is One, Absolute, Unchanging — and Infinite. It is this very fact that makes a multiplicity of religions, a multiplicity of His self-expressions in space and time, necessary. If there were only one true religion, then it would essentially be identifiable with God, thus attaching God to form — making an idol out of Him — and denying His Transcendence. Yet once you have been accepted by one of the great Ways, that Way IS effectively absolute — not just “for you”, subjectively, because you believe in it, but because it is a God-given and entirely OBJECTIVE perspective on His Infinite Reality, and effective Way of return to Him, that has been granted BY Him. If God gives you a lamb, you don’t ask for an eagle; if you strike the rock twice you will be barred from the Promised land. If you look “sideways” at other Ways, comparing, contrasting, getting repulsed, getting seduced, then you get into a morass of contradictions — but God doesn’t want you to look sideways; He wants you to look only toward Him; as Shakespeare put it, “comparisons are odious”.


  9. Charles-
    Thanks again:) God didn’t come to bring religion, but to abolish it. The Law was a tool to teach its failure and futility. Substance replaced Symbol. The narrow way leads to meaning. The broad road leads to separation. Who did Elijah challenge on Mt. Carmel? God and God? Thou shall have no other Gods before Me. One of the greatest and freeing truths in all of life is absolute: Man and Woman, Boy and Girl do NOT equal zero. We don’t have to sacrifice Reason to understand clearly the nature and character of God. When we trample Reason, expect to find everyone else but God. All of cosmos is a signpost to meaning We in fact are programmed to resolve meaning. We can’t help it. If we follow the clues they lead to final ultimate meaning. Our problem is we don’t like to retain knowledge of God – in a word Autonomy.

  10. I don’t believe God came to abolish religion; human beings by and large need forms to come into a real relationship to God Who transcends form. But religion can always become an idol. And of course we don’t sacrifice Reason; God is the Author of it, both of the conditions that Reason can understand and our own ability to understand them. Still, there is Truth beyond (not against) Reason. Reason, like anything, can also become an idol. “My thoughts are not your thoughts” said the Lord. True and False, Man and Woman, the real pairs-of-opposites go a lot deeper than most people realize; as soon as “the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the Waters” there was Man and Woman. But there is also Something beyond them. If we don’t realize this, then we do indeed have “other gods before Him”. As for the broad road leading to separation, I see this tendency in the idea getting around in Christianity, which is also in Islam, that we are only saved in community, not as individuals (an idea that might have come from Communism: the individual is a bourgeois concept, only the Class is saved in the “future kingdom” of the classless society). Religion becomes a membership card. But if we “lose our lives, for His sake, in order to find them”, then we ARE in community: the communion of the saints. Still, the way to that communion is always solitary. Once I put it this way: “The hermit is alone with all humanity.”

  11. :)

    • I was recently invited to do a little talk on Alienology, Angelology, Demonology by an Internet TV Show. Below is a link to the interview. Hope you enjoy!!!


  12. Dear Mr Charles,

    The article is insightful as it is terrifying in revealing the extent to which humans can deceive and be deceived. Just one question though: Peter Levenda for all his meticulous documentation and thorough research, does not seem to be differentiating much between the revealed traditions and the perverse occult pseudo-doctrines that he from time to time exposed in his books. Is this just a lack of discrimination on his part?

  13. Dear Hafiz,

    Peter Levenda is a great investigative reporter but he has little understanding of metaphysics and religion. His basic worldview is erroneous and subversive, which you can see quite clearly in SINISTER FORCES when he attempts to speak theologically, particularly on the subject of theodicy. But the years he spent in the underworlds of magic and occultism have uniquely fitted him to see into that particular kind of darkness; he also has the ability to analyze the political side of this darkness. Basically, he’s thoroughly followed up on the common paranoias of the hippies of the American Baby Boom.

    Interestingly enough, the last time I communicated with Levenda he said that he’s considering converting to Islam, but that was some time ago and I don’t know if I should take him seriously. In Mayasia where he now lives he can probably find plenty of dervishes who indulge in various forms of wonderworking….

    ~~ Charles

  14. Dear Mr Charles,
    Thank you for your succinct reply considering it did put Peter Levenda in a more nuanced light. If what you say is true that he is planning to enter Islam and if he intends on to tread the path of Tasawwuf in Malaysia, God-willing he doesn’t need to find wonder-working dervishes to do so. In Southeast Asia, the mosques usually have scholars or as we call them asatizah and imams who do give basic spiritual training or crudely put a basic primer on Tasawwuf. He needs to be on his guard though for false teachers although despite his shortcomings he is sharp enough to sniff them out.
    Once again thank you Mr Charles for your time.



      • Dear Manny,

        There are lots of life-forms beyond the material, but the Angels are different from the Jinn or the Fairies. the Angels are awe-inspiring and appear (in their own world), as beings of solid light, dense with reality, like the gold-leaf images on Eastern Orthodox icons. The Jinn and the Fairies, on the other hand, are more fascinating than awe-inspiring; their visual signature is not solid, golden light but a kind of sparkling pixie-dust. The reflections of the Angels in the material world are the birds, the reflections of the Jinn are the insects.

        Charles Upton

  15. Mr. Upton, thank you for your material. Your research and intuitions regarding the different manifestations of the counter-traditions are very rich and enlightening and I see that Fr. Seraphim Rose is one of your main influences.

    In your opinion, do you believe that the Perennialist/traditionalist ideas will be exploited themselves by the counter-tradition ? I am thinking here about the misuse of the idea of the “transcendental unity”. I see, here in Romania, some ‘intellectuals’ who use this idea to promote a sort of superficial ecumenism, one reeking of multiculturalism, at the same time bringing disdain upon the perennialists from Christians who only know about them superficially and put them on the same place with teosophy and other subversive modern movements.

  16. Help.

    When I saw a UFO, I did not see a bright light in the sky that could have been a plane, a meteor, a planet, an atmospheric phenomenon or as is most common in my neck of the woods a Chinese lantern released as a bit of fun into the night sky. I saw a huge physical object hovering above my home by no more than 20 or 30 meters. In fact I would not have seen it at all if the power in the house had not cut out and I needed some light to get a splinter out of my foot that I could not do in the dark. This happened when I was 5 years old. That’s it. Since then I have seen, over and over again sightings of UFOs that could have been other things, or not. None has been like that first one.

    Most people I have spoken to about this have had a similar experience. One real experience that acts as a kind of benchmark for future experiences and then lots of maybe it could have been one. Some never stop reporting real experiences.

    When you are very young and you experience something as real as an apple and then you are told that you didn’t it splits you in two. You are five years old, you have never been to school, you have no homework, no assignments to do, yet you know without doubt that you cannot trust yourself. What you see, and what you say you have seen become two things. Before even going to school the young witness has no grounds on which to base a coherent view of the cosmos. He really cannot believe his eyes.

    There are many possible ways we can arrive at the present. Let us go out on a limb and say that the world we perceive is the world out there. And this happened. In fact I posit this as the only answer. The question remains what did this 5 year old witness. I say what he says he did.

    That should be enough. But it isn’t.

    Much has been said about how the universe really is. What you can see, what you cannot. The object that was floating above my house is one of them. It was there.

    When people have asked me to describe it I have tried, it was real, constructed, it had the feel of finding a tea pot in the forest, it was not only intelligible but intelligent in its own right. As I have grown up, or got older, my explanations to myself of what this was have varied. It has gone from a hallucination to a thing that was to an anomaly of no significant import but nothing changes the fact that it happened. That it has a location in time and space and a concomitant memory as real as the event itself.

    That last sentence should be to the discerning reader an indication of how it is I cannot place this event in the historical. There is no world view that admits its occurrence. Again here I will say there is. It depends truly on whether or not the world that is available to our senses is the real world. I posit that it is. The red apple is red and an apple.

    So let us make a leap and that this did in fact happen. What now? This is vital. I know that I do not belong to any religious faith, there is a hint of Buddhism but the myth to which this is applied is inherently Christian, I cannot escape it, the eschatological myth and ontological reality I prescribe to is inherently Christian. There is no room for UFOs, there really isn’t.

    There is the notion of demonic activity, and I have tried in so many ways to say that it isn’t that, literally I have deleted this paragraph to speak of angels instead and it hasn’t held itself. It only does if I speak of the demonic. As if the angels bear witness to truth and will not bear a lie. I saw what I saw but it was not for me, not like the apple which I could eat but for the surrender of my soul which shall not happen, a surrender that says there is no apple.

  17. Dear Simon,

    So, what kind of help do you need? I simply accept as factual that there are other dimensions of reality than the physical, and that they can impinge UPON the physical, to the degree of producing actual materializations — real material objects that come out of nowhere. Have you been able to accept this? Are you trying to accept it, but still remain uncertain? My position is, that he world we perceive out there is an entirely real world — but it’s not the only one. You say that there is no worldview that admits the validity of what you experienced — but there is.
    The worldview of most of the human race up until the 1600’s or even later entirely accepted that such things were possible, and had a name for them. Some called them demons, others called them fairies, the Jinn etc. They were accepted as real, and certain people knew more or less how to evaluate them and how to deal with them. Such apparitions have some relationship to one’s state of consciousness, given that certain psychic conditions make us more likely to encounter them. But that definitely does NOT apply to all such apparitions. Sometimes UFOs will appear on radar, be chased by jet fighters, land and leave physical traces, and this certainly does not mean that all the people involved in these events are mentally ill or hallucinating.

    In our more-or-less Christian culture some of the beings involved in these apparitions seem
    to have a special animus against Christianity. In other cultures this may not be so much the case. But it was Christianity that essentially destroyed the world of Pagan antiquity where ongoing relationship with these entities was more common, so maybe, now that the Christian tradition is weakening, they figure that it’s now payback time. But the entities who appear in, or as, the UFOs don’t have a necessary relationship, either pro or con, only with Christian civilization.

    There really was an apple, you really did see something really “out there” when you were 5 years old. But the idea, once you accept that the apple is real, is not to eat it, not to become involved with it. Not all the beings from the Jinn-world are demons, but enough of them are, and even the ones who are basically decent types are very disorienting to encounter; it’s best to leave them alone.

    But in your case they didn’t leave YOU alone, so maybe you need to begin to study the worldviews that allow for the existence of such realities. If you can accept what these worldviews have to teach, while still staying grounded in physical reality and not being tempted to doubt that the world your senses present to you is real, which it most certainly is, then maybe you can get your psyche a little bit better integrated and not have to feel as if there were somehow two of you, one who really had that experience and one who “knows” it’s all nonsense.

    The following is a framework that allows for the reality of what you experienced, and places it accurately in relationship to other realities; it is based on the philosophical idea, very common in the West until at least the 18th Century “enlightenment”, called the “Great Chain of Being”, also known as the ontological hierarchy, which is founded on the notion of higher and lower levels of being:


    The first level is Beyond Being (Dionysius the Areopagite), Godhead
    (Meister Eckhart), the unknowable Divine Essence (al-Dhat of the Muslims,
    the Dharmakaya of the Buddhists, etc.)

    The second level is pure Being, Allah (‘the Deity’), God Himself—
    the personal God Who is Creator, Ruler, Judge and Savior of the
    universe, while transcending these functions absolutely, since He is
    not limited by any relationship with created being.


    The third level is the Intellect or Logos, God’s primal act of Self-understanding
    in terms of subject and object—in Christian terms, ‘God the Father’
    and ‘God the Son’ (though, strictly speaking, Christian theology
    sees the Father and the Son as Divine Persons, and thus as aspects
    of the second level, above). Intellect is the ray of the Divine
    within the creatures—the nous of the Neo-Platonic philosophers—
    about which Eckhart said, ‘there is Something in the soul which is
    uncreated and uncreatable.’ In terms of its creative function, the
    Intellect is the pneuma, the Holy Spirit of God that ‘moved on the
    face of the waters’.

    The fourth level is the Archangelic, the realm of the permanent
    archetypes or Divine Names, perhaps represented by the Seven
    Lamps and the Four Living Creatures surrounding the Throne of the
    Lamb in the Apocalypse. This is the level of the eternal metaphysical
    principles or Platonic Ideas, which, far from being abstractions, are
    in reality more densely concrete—for all their transparency to the
    Divine Light—and more highly charged with creative and truth
    revealing energy than anything below them.


    The fifth level is the Angelic, the manifestation of the Spirit on the
    psychic plane, the plane of thought, emotion and intent. Each angel
    is both a living, conscious individual and the manifestation of a specific

    The sixth level is the Imaginal, the ‘astral plane’ or the ‘alam al-mithal,
    of Islam, where every thought, feeling or intent, whatever the level of
    being it essentially corresponds to, appears as a symbolic image
    which is at the same time a living being. This is the world of dreams
    and mental images, which is not simply happening inside this or
    that individual consciousness, but is continuous with an objective
    psychic ‘environment’, just as the human body is continuous with
    the natural world.


    The seventh level is the Etheric. This is the realm of the ‘soul of matter’,
    the hidden face of nature, the world of the Celtic Fairies, the
    Muslim Jinn, the world of ‘bioplasma’, of auras, of elemental spirits
    and subtle energies. It is the World Soul, the essential pattern and
    subtle substance of the material world.

    The eighth level is the Material, the world reported by our senses.
    Science deals almost exclusively with the eighth level, though it
    must sometimes confront phenomena emanating from the seventh,
    and theorize about seventh-level realities in order to explain apparent
    paradoxes appearing on the eighth. And since science has largely
    replaced religion and metaphysics as our dominant way of looking
    at the world, we are at a nearly total loss when it comes to explaining,
    and especially to evaluating, the UFO phenomenon. Because
    we believe in evolution and progress instead of understanding the
    eternal hierarchical nature of Being, anything that pops through
    from level seven to level eight, as far as we are concerned, might be
    God, or Merlin the Magician, or a ‘highly-evolved technological
    race’, or God knows what. And the reason why so many seventh level
    beings are now appearing to us, on a global level, may be
    because we have lost the ability to evaluate them; they can now represent
    themselves to us as anything they please.


    According to Muslim doctrine, The Jinn—plural of ‘Jinni’, the well known
    spook from the lamp—are beings inhabiting a plane subtler than the
    Material but grosser than the Imaginal and Angelic: the seventh
    plane in the Great Chain of Being. ‘Aliens’ are members of the Jinn.

    I hope this helps.

    ~~ Charles

    • Dear Charles,

      Thank you, that does help. I think you hit the nail on the head with, what kind of help do I need? I’m not entirely sure. I’ve done all the things I can think of, so I was a little surprised when I saw a UFO recently. I thought I was done with it.

      I decided to read your Cracks in the Great Wall today, I’d started it before but never finished it. As I was reading it I wondered why, and in it you had written that if you are depressed, anxious or morbidly curious don’t read on, and at the time I was so I took you at your word and stopped. This time because I had done the necessary things to get rid of that I was able to read on. And I have to say that I found myself agreeing with you, and adding many examples from my own experience and research.

      I think you are right to ask whether I have accepted this or remain uncertain. I think the honest answer would be that I’m having real difficulty answering. And rather than try to force an answer, it’s a little late here in the UK, I’ll sleep on it a little and give it more time. I really just wanted to extend the courtesy of thanking you for your reply so you knew I had read it but couldn’t help trying to answer your questions.

      I’ll check back.

      Best thoughts


  18. Is there a traditional expression for the “etheric plane”? I ask because I’ve always believed that the jinn were in the state which occultists call “astral plane” which after all is the psychic world. Although they are in the “part” concomitant with our world. You mean that?

    • Dear Raul,

      Perhaps “anima mundi”, the soul of the world, would correspond to the etheric plane, but I’m not sure — and since I’m not sure, I’m reduced to using terminology invented or popularized by the theosophists. The etheric is the denser layer of the astral or psychic plane, which is more traditionally known as the Imaginal Plane or or alam al-mithal. Our 5 senses report the physical plane; the astral or psychic “substance” is that of dreams and mental imagery.
      The “etheric” substance is denser than the psychic but more subtle than the physical, it’s the substance of hypnogogic imagery or the kind of hallucinations that we sometimes mistake for physical objects. This is the world the Jinn inhabit, which is of course much wider than the part we may see at any given time; it is, as you say, the part of the psychic plane concomitant with our world.

      • Thanks Mr. Upton.
        In an article by Guénon called “Al-Quwa as-sâbinah” (influences wandering) in “Al-Maa’rifah” No. 7, Cairo, November 1931, he said that wandering influences could be directed by jinni . Does Islam believe in wandering influences? I ask because I have seen several times that what Guénon was the character of a force understands Islam as a jinn. According to Guénon, the so-called “elemental spirits” are wandering influences that can be handled by the jinni, but not jinni.


    ABD AL- WAHID YAHIA ( Rene Guenon )

    Speaking of the various phenomena producing elements that Spiritualists attribute those they call ” spirits “, we have alluded ( 1) to the subtle forces that Chinese Taoists call “wandering influences.” Give on this subject some further explanation , to eliminate confusion in which those fall too easily , unfortunately too numerous in our time – who know modern Western science unless the ancient Oriental knowledge.

    We had noted that the influences of which we are speaking, being psychic nature, are more subtle forces of sensible or corporeal world . It is therefore advisable not to confuse with the latter , although some of its effects are similar. This similarity induce mainly assimilate these forces with electricity, and is simply explained by the analogy of the laws governing the various states and different worlds , and correspondence by which the order was made ​​and harmony of all grades of Existence.

    These “wandering influences ” include many different varieties including . It is also true that in the sensible world we find very diverse influences , but in the psychic world , things are even more complex , by the very fact that the psychic domain is much less restricted than the domain sensitive .

    This generic term “wandering influences” , applies to all energies not individualized , ie , all active in the cosmic environment without going into the constitution of a being defined either . In some cases , these forces are such by nature , in other cases , psychic elements derived from disintegrated from ancient living organisms and particularly human beings , as we said in our previous article . ( 2)

    Actually , this is true by natural forces that have their particular laws to which they can not escape , just as the other natural forces. If often seems that the effects of these forces manifest in so capricious and inconsistent , this is only due to ignorance of the laws which govern it. For example , just consider the effects of lightning that are no less strange than those caused by forces of which we speak , to understand that it ‘s not really anything special . And indeed, those who know the laws of these subtle forces can capture them and use them as the others.

    At this point it is necessary to distinguish two cases depending on the direction of these forces and their use. You can reach this result is with the help of intermediaries that are part of the subtle world , as the beings known by the name of jinn , either through living human beings , which of course also have the related statements to the subtle world, which also allows them to exercise in this action . The beings thus directing such forces – both men and jinn – with his will , giving them a kind of artificial individuality is only temporary and reflect their own individuality , like a shadow of the latter. Yet too often happens that these same forces are unconsciously attracted by beings who ignore its laws but who are predisposed to this natural tendency , such as people who agreed today called ” mediums ” .

    They provide the forces with which they come regarding an appearance of individuality, but at the expense of the integrity of mental states themselves, who suffer an imbalance that can reach a partial disintegration of individuality.

    There is a very important observation to make about this kind of unconscious or involuntary deposits, in which the self is at the mercy of external forces rather than direct them. This attraction can be exercised over such forces , not only , as we said, by human beings or “mediums ” , but also through other living things and even inanimate objects , sometimes making use of certain places where the forces in question are concentrated so as to produce rather unusual phenomenon . These beings or these objects have built-in ” capacitors ” – if an improper term can be used but justified by the analogy with the laws of physical forces . Such condensation can be carried out spontaneously , but on the other hand, it is possible for those who know the laws of these subtle forces the fix through certain procedures, by taking support substances or objects whose nature must be established taking into account the result to be obtained . Conversely , it is possible for these people to dissolve agglomerates subtle force , whether they have voluntarily formed by them or others, whether it is set up spontaneously. In this respect , the power of metal tips has always been known , and it ‘s a remarkable analogy with electrical phenomena . It sometimes happens that when it hits a point where the very point is what might be called the “knot” of condensation , sparks fly . If , as often happens , this condensation is produced by a sorcerer , this may be injured or killed by the reaction of the blow, at any distance you are. These are phenomena that have been observed at all times and in all places .

    You can understand the two operations “condensation” and described above by presenting the analogy with certain cases in which forces act more or less different , as in alchemy by ” solution ” , and aims of forces that connect in the last analysis , a very general laws , well described by the ancient science , especially in the East, but from what it seems , totally ignored by modern .

    Is in the range between these two extreme phases of “condensation” and ” solution ” when one has grasped the subtle forces it can lend them the kind of consciousness that gives them an apparent individuality can mislead the observer, to persuade him to have you deal with real and personal losses .

    The ability to ” condense ” the forces on very diverse media , and get exceptional results and striking appearance , shows the modern error to argue that the presence of a human medium is indispensable. We note in this regard that spiritualism before using a human being as a ” condenser ” was typical of the sorcerers of lowest order , because of the serious dangers it presented to that being.

    Add to the foregoing that, besides the type of shares that have briefly spoken , another totally different , which is the condensation of subtle forces , no longer loved or foreign objects on the individual holding the operation, but this individual, so that allows using such forces at will , giving them a permanent possibility of producing certain phenomena. himself Using this method is particularly widespread in India, but it is good to point out that those who are bent on producing extraordinary phenomena by this method or any other , not indeed deserve some interest shown by them. Actually , these are individuals whose internal development at a certain stage has closed for any reason , to the point of no longer being possible to stop them doing otherwise , and , therefore , apply to things in their activity by higher.

    Indeed, the complete knowledge of the laws that enable humans to direct the subtle forces , has always been reserved for a very limited number of individuals , because of the danger that would result from widespread use among malicious people .

    There is in China a widespread treaty on “wandering influences.” However , this treaty takes into account only a particular application of these forces to the causes of diseases and their treatment , everything else has always been an oral teaching .

    Moreover, those who know the laws governing “wandering influences ” are usually content with this knowledge and completely lose interest in the use or the practical application of such subtle forces .

    They reject cause the slightest phenomenon to leave others stunned or satisfy their curiosity, and whether they are constrained to produce certain phenomena – for entirely different reasons we’ve talked before special – circumstances and do so with the help of completely different and using these forces of another gender Scopi methods , although results appear outwardly similar .

    Indeed, if there is an analogy between sensible forces like electricity and psychic or subtle forces , also exists between them and certain spiritual forces that can , for example, act equally focusing on objects or places . Moreover, it is also possible, as various forces in nature will produce similar effects in appearance . Such similarities are entirely superficial source of frequent errors and confusion , not preventable by who you limited to the verification of phenomena. It is thus possible to imitate vulgar witches , at least to some extent, the performance of miraculous events . Despite an apparent only in terms of the similarity results obviously there is nothing in common between the causes that , in the two cases are completely different.

    Not within the scope of our topic to try the action of spiritual forces . From all the foregoing in any case we can draw the following conclusion : the phenomena alone can not be a criterion or proof to support whatever it is, and can not in any way establish the truth of any theory . Moreover, the same phenomena must often be explained in various ways depending on the case and is very rare there , for a given phenomena , one possible explanation.

    We say finally that true science can only be made ​​starting from the top , ie the principles to apply to the facts , which are more or less distant from the principles themselves accordingly. This attitude is at odds with modern Western science, which wants from sensible phenomena to deduce general laws , as if “more” may derive from the ” less” , as if it might contain less than the higher, as if the matter could measure and limit the start.


    ( * ) . “Al- Quwa as- sâbinah ” (” Les wandering influences” ) . In “Al- Maa’rifah ” # 7 , Cairo, November 1931 . Retaken in ” Etudes Traditionnelles ” , Paris , March- April 1962. Also in ” Rivista Tradizionali Studi ” , Turin , January- June 1977 ( trans. Michele Lodi) .

    ( 1) . Cf René Guénon , L’ Erreur spirite , Traditionnelles Editions , Chapter VII: “Understanding spiritualistic phenomena ” ( T. Note )

    ( 2) . ” Ar – rûhâniyyatu -l- Hadithah – raddun ‘ala Raddin (le neo- spiritualism – Reponse a une critique ” in ” Al- Maa’rifah ” , No. 5, September 1931. ( Translator’s Note )

  20. From The Spiritist Fallacy

    “Indeed, the “elementals” in the first sense of the word , are nothing but the “spirits of the elements ,” the old magic divided into four categories: salamanders or fire spirits , sylphs or air spirits , mermaids or water spirits and gnomes or earth spirits , well understood , the word “spirits” are not then take in the sense spiritualists , but designated subtle beings , endowed only a temporary existence , and which have not therefore nothing “spiritual” in modern philosophical sense , it is not more than the exoteric expression of a theory whose real meaning back then.”

    “and, taking literally to the manner in which “personifies” the forces, would lead to absurdities worse, but otherwise, this is what do the occultists.”

    “What is the truth on this symbolism, is about all this: the forces in question can be divided into different classes, and the classification adopted will depend on the point of view in that set one, the Western viewpoint distributes forces according to their affinities, in four “elemental kingdoms” and is necessary not find another source or other real significance to the modern theory of “elementals”.”

  21. You’ve interpreted the UFO phenomenon as something “spiritual” and others have interpreted as something purely physical in nature. Not one of you knows the truth. Your conclusions are biased, based on your beliefs. There is no god. There are no angels or demons. Whatever is behind the UFO phenomenon, and the paranormal, is too complex for our minds to dissect at this time. If you let go of your preconceived ideas and religious ideologies you might become enlightened about yourself, your own mind. Having experienced this phenomenon firsthand, I have entered my own subconscious mind realm and started to understand it a little better. Vallee suggests that we interact with the phenomenon, like a computer programmer, to see how we might use the hardware (ex. rom, cpu). Forget the nuts-and-bolts aspect of it all. Type on the keyboard and see what happens. Through intelligent observation and trial and error I believe we’ll find some answers. Obviously, the UFO phenomenon’s logic is not understood at this time. But, like a computer language, it can be learned.

  22. I wanted to thank the author for this very profound, and insightful article.
    Referencing some specific points… I very much agree with your assessment of the Nazis as Black Magicians. I am not myself, a Traditionalist. But, I am familiar with much of Guenon’s works, and admire his intelligence, and insight. And, I have seen far too many who claim to be Traditionalists and yet somehow see Hitler and his Reich as emblematic of a resistance to dark forces. I gather that this prejudice is one they inherited from Julius Evola, who, while never unequivocal in his opinions on them, nevertheless seems to condone the Nazis. But, then, I believe that if Evola was ever really a Traditionalist, he himself, in his conceit, succumbed to what were essentially Luciferian formulations.
    I was also pleased to see you referencing Levenda’s Sinister Forces, and agree with your assessment that the UFO phenomenon is best described as operating, and occurring on a number of different levels at once.
    Anyway, thanks again the article. I will be bookmarking this page.

  23. My advice would be to be human. Try to find a guide, and don’t concern yourself with this.

    When you stop seeing the ufos, you start to see the jinn (they fly in pairs and look like phoenixes), it gets to the point where you start seeing what is there and without a guide, please believe me, it goes rapidly downhill.

    All they do is stop you humbling yourself before your fellow man, let alone God.

    I wasted a lot of time on this. Don’t do the same. Rene was exceptional. I’m not.

    God bless Raul

    • Just now I see your answer. Thank you very much for your wishes Simon. You are right. God bless you too.

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